Thursday, April 20, 2006

NarcissusAU goes hunting...

So Im horny as hell, which is not unusual. But today my hornyness is the kind that only man to man action can avail.
The funny thing is that I’m not ‘looking’ to hook up, because I know that I shouldn’t. I had way too much todo and a trip to the emerald city for some fun would have sent everything off the rails. So I do what I always do when I want to be really shouldn’t, I log on to various site and just see what’s going on. That way, if something comes along…really I couldn’t say no….that would be rude.
So on one of the wrestling contact sites I come across a new profile, it catches my attention a) because its new b) because the pic of the guy is HOT instead of an old and horizontally gifted man.
I can’t really remember how it all happened but I end up chatting to him on Yahoo!. We talk about stuff and the weather and how ripped and hot he is and how big and sexy he thinks I am. I send him to a profile that has my most up to date picture on it so he knows what he is talking to (some of my older profiles have pictures of me at a much lower weight, but far more ripped, but that’s bodybuilding for you!). He says he likes what he sees and he wants to play. I tell him where and when and we start chatting about what we are going to do to each other when we meet.
He likes it ruff and testing. He also loves pec and nip punishment, really heavy painful stuff. I tell him that the pecs in his pic deserved to be punished and I looked forward to lifting him up and hanging him by his pec muscles.
That’s when he said it…”you should know Im 4 or 5kgs lighter then that pic, Ive just comeback from holidays”… that should have set off alarms, but instead I had already committed and begun to get excited about the encounter. Plus my hard cock override to my brain function was fully activated. I write back…”But your still as ripped with those sexy abs aren’t you?”… He confirmed that his stomach and chest were still lean which made me feel better. It probably shouldn’t have.

Anyway, I make my way to the centre of my Emerald city and meet up with this guy at the designated place… He looks surprisingly geekish for having a fairly impressive body. Funny thing what clothes can do to a man… (Yes it sounds dumb now, but I was horny!!) So we went down to the spa, he goes down to one end of the locker room, me the other. I get undressed and wrap a towel around my waist and wait for him to join up with me.
He walks around the corner and I’m as disappointed as everything up to this point told me I should be. This guy is thin. He IS lean, but the kind of lean a guy gets when there isn’t anything else to him… You could see his abs but nothing that sexy. Oh well, at least he plays the way I like…. So we start walking around the spa and checking out who’s around and what rooms are available. I’m taking the lead, more interested in what’s going on and what porn is playing on the screens (Carlos Massi, YUM!). He walks past me and turns to face me, he tweaks on my nipples and I do the same to him….Obviously he likes what he sees. I’m going with the flow just to see where this leads, I’m not going to just walk off on him, that would be too harsh as a rejection after what’s gone on so far.
So I twist his nipples and his head rolls back, his knees buckles and he groans. Which combined together is my 100% favourite reaction to anything I do with a guy, what can I say? I’m needy, I need a response to let me know I’m doing the right thing.
So we slink into a room and he drops his towel, underneath is a tight black Speedo. SOLD! We’re on. Nothing in the world makes me hornier then a guy packing his junk into a tight spandex Speedo. And this guy knows that, and came prepared…. I grab the growing bulge and grip it tightly.

Now I know this guy says he likes it ruff… Lots of guys say that, few truly mean it in the real sense of how ruff I can take it…. This guy could TAKE it. I start light, gripping tighter and tighter around this balls and cock. He stares at me and raises an eyebrow daring me to continue. He lifts his arms up and clasps them behind his head in a “here it is, do your worst” kinda way. No more needs to be said, I rip down hard on his package and twist the whole thing around 90 degrees. His knees buckles and he ends up face planting into my chest whimpering. The kind of whimpering is special to this scene, guys who’ve played like this will know what I mean. It’s the kinda sound a guy makes when its hurts so bad its so good…. A combination of pleasure and pain. He was into it…I could feel his cock resist against my tight grip as it slowly filled with blood.
Next he reached and grabbed my nipples and twisted them hard driving them back into my chest. It hurt. Unfortunately whilst I love to play with another guys nipples (its always been a fantasy of mine to make a guy cum just by playing with his nips) my nipples are completely inert and do nothing for me sexually. But this guy continues, so I grab his nipples and drag them towards the floor… The harder I pull the more he pulls, its going to be one of those competitions. Finally its just too much pain and I tell him to let go. He twists harder then lets go.
The next thing threw me off, he looks at mean with a real menacing look and says: “Who’s the real man now?”. I didn’t like the way he said it, all of a sudden I felt like I was there less to have some fun and more to prop up this guys masculinity because he could take a beating better then me. It felt wrong. I didn’t like it. Then he sucked my balls and its was all okay ;-)
My god could he suck, it was like he was giving me head without touching my head… seriously nice.
He worked and worked and sucked, blew, licked and pounded my balls. Pulled off my balls devoured my cock and soon had me on the edge. We were both ready to end this so he said he wanted me to cum. Usually I like to be the last one to cum. He wouldn’t have it, so we ended up wrestling around the room trying to hold the other down and jerk them till they came. Ultimately he got my cock back in his mouth, every time I went to grab him I started to feel teeth….So I laid there while he worked me to the edge. Finally he pumped his fist around my cock a few last times and I sent cum up over me and all down the wall. He tugged my balls as I let my load go and the tingly sensation through my body was rapturous.
In that steamy sexy moment all he could say was: “God, you hit the wall…that’s impressive…” he said it in a really funny way that sounded like a 5 year old amazed at the neighbours long ball…(“Golly Gee Mister… That sure is a long pass you got there…”) anyway, it made me laugh (and giggle). I’m not sure he liked that, but then it was his turn on the mats. I reached up and grabbed his shoulders bringing his torso in close to my face as I held him above me I gently licked his nipples and watched his cock jump as I played and teased with the most sensitive part of his body. He started beating his cock furiously as I took a nipple when he exploded all up my stomach and chest. Grunting and groaning as his body flexed and twisted in my tight grip suspended above me.
And then that was it… I needed to get out and get clean, I felt really dirty with this guy on me. Must have been the bad vibes I got from him.


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