Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Muscle man vs NarcissusAU boy

Its me and muscle man. The lead up to these meetings usually involves a flurry of internet and SMS messages threatening the outstanding and terrible violence we are going to inflict on each other in our time together mixed with sentiments of lust, attraction and seething desire. The lead up to today was no different. And it made me horny.
I would get an SMS mid morning at work saying “We will see little man who ends up standing over the loser - and yes we both end up being winners as we have a fucking hot time - can't wait to strain muscles with you tomorrow - horny as waiting to get you in my grips”
When I replied with my usual biting sarcasm and reminded him of my pre-comp training and how that will effect our body battle he added further: “We will wait till after your comp then a full on gear grudge match - start off in singlets and strip down to skinpy tight lycra - see who does rule the mat room - then finsih off to blow on the mirror room”
Can you guess that by now I’m horny? All through this I’m at work and trying to interact with people who have no idea I’m locked into a testosterone fuelled conversation vibrating at my leg.

So basically when we meet up, the foreplay is done. The sexual tension is so high that you can smell our hormones wafting as we walk down the street towards the spa. We get in and get changed. I just want to lick every part of his body when I see him…He is so hot and so sexy. And HUGE (big muscles = a big hardon from me).

So we walk through and try the door to the wrestling room. I might have described it before but Ill go through it again. It’s a themed room in this spa, a small room maybe 3m by 4m. The walls and floor are padded with really thick mats, like the ones gymnasts use to land on at the end of the pummel horse, thick. Its great because you can really throw a guy around and not hurt him too much. Perfect.
Anyway, we try the door and its locked, MuscleMan doesn’t like that and lets out a frustrated groan, he turn to where Im standing behind him. I step forward and collect him on my way to the wall, pushing his back against the wall and his chest against mine. I grab his shoulders and pin him back hard against the wall and then get all in his face. Face to face maybe an inch apart staring into each others eyes feeling the tension and the animal lust that needed to be expressed. Then we kissed. Deep and strong, aggressive and caring, masculine and lustful. Hot. He breaks away walking down the hall… “If I don’t get you in there soon, we are going to make a scene out here!” Which is true, not one set of eyes moves from his body as he walks around this place…The whole time we are here they all stare at him.
I follow him down the hall and push him into our second favourite room in this building…The mirror room.

Okay, so I know this sounds very ego fed. It is. I have an ego, so does he. I’m Narcissus damn it!! And I love mirrors. Especially when I get to see the reflection (from every angle) of me and this huge beast playing together. Every surface of this room other then the top padded surface of the bench/bed/fuck table is covered in mirrors. We drop our towels and put on wrestling singlets. Mine is a genuine University of Ohio collegiate number, whilst his is thinner and skimpier cut high on his massive thighs and low across his mountainous chest. We move together and feel each others bodies, our bulging cocks. I run my hands over his sharp cut chest and sensitive nipples and his ample, ample bodybuilders ass (I fuking LOVE bodybuilders asses, nothing like them in the world). He flexes each body part as I run my hands over it. It turn him around so Im facing his back and wrap my arms around his shoulders and arms to feel his chest from behind. I move in and nuzzle, suck, lick and nibble at his neck and ear lobes. He breathes deep loving the contact and attention, he loves flexing and loves the way my cock throbs in the crack of his lycra clad ass each time he hits a pose. Im quite a few inches taller then him so I can pull a bicep pose above him, he matches my flex and we admire the vision in the mirrors. All the way through this sexy play is spurts of pure bodybuildingness, like him teaching me how to pose properly or which bodyparts are good and the kind of exercises Ill need to do for when I hit the stage. He knows Im getting ready for my first show and wants me to do well… He gives me lots of advice. Whilst we remain very competitive there is never any question as to who the true champion is between the two of us. I think that ads to the fun.

I wrap my arm around his throat from behind and flex my bicep against his neck in a sleeper hold. I pull him backwards till I land on the bed and pull his weight on top of me. I wrap my legs around his tight, lean waist and squeeze my whole body to get his first submission. He powers out and around till he has my head in a side head lock and pulls the power on to squeeze and twist my head. I tap out and we break apart. We separate to see the massive boners bouncing in their lycra pouches. We need to get in that wrestling room!!

We hear the door slamming and quickly pull our towels and make a bolt for the room. We get in there and the door closes behind us, towels gone in an instant we start to circle.
We move from hold to hold. Flipping and throwing each other around. He taps and I tap. The sweat literally pools on our bodies when we lay still between rounds. I am rock, solid hard as granite. After each submission we lay strewn atop each other, playing with each others bodies, feeling the bulging cloistered cocks and teasing at them through the lycra.
As I submitted to MuscleMan another time it was clear that today he had won the meet. He stood up, pulled the straps of his singlet off his cannon ball shoulders and laid down on top of me with his singlet still around his waist. He pulled the straps off my shoulders and gently slid them down my arms exposing my chest and stomach. He nuzzled at my stomach and then pushed my singlet down my waist with his tongue and chin until he found the eager head of my dick. He took it into his mouth and started to suck, pulling the lycra down to under my balls.

Hehehe, Ill have to decide whether I want to share the rest of these details later.... ;-)


At 1:33 PM, Blogger Darien Markess said...

So...? Cum on dude! Share!!!! :-D

At 6:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


GREAT WORDS !!!!!!!!!


At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Howdy said...

Great job on your blog. I have just started blogging myself although I own another site subliminal messages and hope to build a blog around that. Hope I do as good a job of mine ;-)

At 11:15 AM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Thanks Howdy, Im not sure if Im happy with whats here yet....but Im sure if you just write what you need to write then your blog will do what you need it to do...

At 11:32 AM, Blogger brenton said...

Hey mate, what spa do you go to? sounds hot but i don't remember seeing any with a wrestling room.

At 12:10 PM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

I ususally hit all over....but the place with the full wrestling room is City Steam on Sussex St.... I usually only go there when Ive got someone to wrestle with...


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