Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Game Player (continued)....

We head to the room he had booked for the night inside the cruise club. He had already been in there and set things up, carefully setting out all his stuff accross the vinyl covered bench. Like I said, we had met online on a fetish site and we both knew that we were going to be playing with some fun stuff.... I had my goodie bag in tow and stuffed full with all sorts of hardon producing products.

We walk into the room and close the door behind. It clicks shut behind us at the door bolt locks tight. He turns up the dimmed lights of the room to show the collection sprawled accross the bench.
He had some rubber speedos which he had made himself....later that night, putting them on was amazing, the rubber sucked to his skin and every vein and line of his package was on full display...Such a perfect way of showing his ever increasing hardon. While I was checking out the various hoods he had Game player was out of sight behind me and had removed the skin tight Nike compression shirt. I picked up one of his latex full face hoods (kinda like the mexican style wrestlers wear, but tighter). I turned around to get him to put it on because I knew how much we would both enjoy the sensation. As I turned I saw him standing there with his pants slung low on his hips. Stuck to his torso like a second skin was the shinny spandex/rubber body suit which I knew was his favourite piece of fetish gear. The tank style top clung tightly to his broad smooth shoulders, making his impressivly wide and bulging shoulders seem super humanly wide. The spandex body suit hugged accross his tight chest, slightly tucking at the armpits because of the pressure of his massive chest pushing against the material. His defined abs push through the material and each of the cobble stone lines shimmer in the low light as his breathing slows in sexy anticipation.
The suit is full body so the spandex dissapears below the belt line of his pants suggestivly leading my attention to below the belt line.

I can't wait, I drop the mask Im holding and go straight for this fly. I want to see the whole package. I quickly unbutton his fly and drop his pants over his quads, the pants fall quickly slipping easily over the shinny surface of the ankle length suit.

He kicks off the pants from around his ankles and he stands in the light moving to catch the curves of his muscles. His bulging musculature is encased in tight shinny spandex from neck to ankle and its HOT!
Over the top of this suit he wears a studded leather jock to pronounce the incredible bulge in his groin. I grab the straps of his jock and rip it off, its got press studs so its easy to quickly release the bulge still encased in the thin shinny spandex.

I reach to his face and pull his face to mine kissing closely and pressing our tounges deeply into each others mouths, we start to swap spit and things start to get really hot and juicy.
I run my hands across his spandex clad chest and rest them on his amazingly cut deep shoulders. I feel the muscles bunch and seperate as he moves his arms to grab at my nipples. He runs his hands down my chest and gently feels the fuzz on my abs before decending his hands under my belt. Grabbing tightly to my pants he pulls me close to him grinding his package against mine. I step forward collecting him on the way to hitting the wall. I grab his wrists and hold them over his head as I use the resistence of the wall on his back to really grind in deep on his package....hard on against hard on.
With him pinned against the wall I move my mouth down to his nipples and start to bite and tease at his nipples which are still hidden behind the tight spandex.
I drop his arms and reach for the shoulder straps accross his tight traps and pull them down over his shoulders and down his arms.
I pull the top of his spandex suit down so they are low slung on his hips. His smooth tan skin, deep sexy cuts and flickering sinyews of muscle took me aback for a moment before I delved deep again into his mouth. He deeply explored his tounge back into my mouth, his breathing short and sharp he's getting into this and enjoying it as much as I am.

I connect back onto his nipples and grab them between my teeth flicking the tip of the nipple with my tounge. Each tounge lashing produced a jerk of this body as his muscles tensed and his body jerked with the pleasure running from his nipples to his balls and back through his body.

I stand back and strip my shirt over my head and drop my pants kicking them off into the corner. Im standing there in my tiny speedos when game player just leans back against the wall and exhales: "FUCK!"
He reaches down under his suit and starts jerking his cock vigerously. This is my que I reakon so I start going through my compulsory bodybuilding posses. Double front bi, Side chest, Side Tricept, Ab and thigh.... all the way through he's grunting and pumping heavily on his cock.
I can't take it any more and step accross the room and grab the bunched up spandex around his waist, pulling it to the floor stripping his smooth hairless body to nothing. He pulls out a double bicep pose of his own as my eyes trail down from his massive, heaving, shinny from sweat chest down his abs to rest on his massive package. His bits and pieces have been shoved through a shinny metal cock ring turning his cock and balls slightly blue but engorging every vein in his cock. The whole package was pushed forward and plump and engorged with blood and supper sensitive.
Fuck! I thought, that looks delicious....


At 9:38 AM, Anonymous JT said...

damn, far so good...I'm checking your site out for the first time, followed the link from Alex's site. That video of the gut punching is hot as fuck, dude.

Keep up the good work!!


At 10:03 AM, Blogger Edd.D said...

fucking love the site,


At 11:57 AM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Thanks guys, Ive been blown away from the feedback so far!! If just makes me wana write more, better and of course more graphically...he he he


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