Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Game Player....

So here is how it went down.... we were chatting online most of the day. It was a dreary, rainy day and it was fun going around the house with my laptop in tow messaging back and forth. Just generally getting worked up sexually, but also the conversation started getting really deep (as it would turn out, perhaps too deep).
We talked about spirituality and the nature of the world, and generally just got to know each other.

In the end we decided to meet up that night on Oxford St. But it wasn't that easy! In the previous post I mentioned this guy likes to play games. And I mean real games.

So here were the rules, between 10pm and 11pm he would be somewhere on the purple mile either on the street or in one of three bars. The idea was that he was the prey I was hunting. Now you gotta remember that to this point Ive only seen pictures of him from the neck down in spandex or latex, or wearing a full face bondage mask. So the idea was I had to try workout who he was from a crowed and pick him out and pick him up.
No hints, no tips, no clues. He knew what I looked like, aided by the fact that I tend to stand out in a crowed so it was always going to be easy for him.
But the whole thing seemed like fun, and deffinently put a different slant on the ordinary weekend internet pickup.

I get into the city and park my car. I head to the strip and start from the bottom. I head into the first of the bars allowed in the rules and start to look around. The crowd was thin and stood out like nothing else as I paced through the bar checking out each of the guys. Slipping between the slightly thin crowds I search through the faces trying to find a spark or connection that would give away my game players identity.
No luck at the first bar, so I move on the the second...then the third. Nothing! Couldn't find a single sign or glimps that would indicate the identity of my game player.

Time was ticking and I had found nothing. So we went to the contingency. At 11pm the area restricted down to just Headquaters, a local cruise club.
This was my first time in a cruise club, Id always been to sex spas so leaving my clothes on was a different experience. Now the hunt was on for real.
This place was just jumping with HOT HOT HOTness!! Talk about missed opportunites! Not having been here before is simply a missed opportunity!
Big muscle guys and masculine studs walk the halls, jeans slung low on their hips shirts tucked into the waist band. I walk past a big guy, not tall but fuking WIDE. We turn sideways, chest to chest, to get past each other in the hallway. The sheer bulk of this guy pushed us both against the walls as we brushed bulging pecs together passing in the night.... If I didn't find my game player soon, he was going to miss out. These guys were going to distract me real soon!

So Im walking down the darkened, mood lit hall of the basement level. Walking towards me is a dark clothed, tall (check), wide (check) masculine dude. His bulge is stretching his jeans to slitting point, obviously pushed out by a chunky studded jockstrap (check). The thumping on the floor boards of his big boots (check mate!) was the final signal. This was my guy, no now the game was on.
We walk past each other, no eye contact no interaction. He dissapears up the stairs as I quickly U-turn and head up after him.
I find him sitting in the smoking room I walk in raise an eyebrow and comment: "Nice boots!" then walk out. I stand out of sight around the corner and wait for him to come looking for me, in the beleif that I hadn't picked him out and was looking elsewhere.....
He quickly followed around the corner and stopped with a jump at me standing against the wall. I give him the once over and Im very impressed. "Gday" I say, raising an eyebrow whilst checking out the pecs straining against the tight spandex Nike compression shirt that he has painted on his physique.
"Lets go"


At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just in case anyone is interesterd, the guy in the pic has a yahoo group...


At 1:07 PM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Yeah, he's a really hot dude... and sells his gear on Ebay too.
Here is his Ebay account


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