Thursday, August 31, 2006

Karate Kid Kicks my Ass (the finishing move)....

I’m lying on Karate Kid and working his nipples, kissing him deeply. Im working my bulging cock into his veiny throbbing member. This is sexy and sweaty and truly aggressive.
I love sexy aggressive fucking. Where masculinity and testosterone meets raw animal need and urge. And this guy gets it. He throws me off him and flips me over to my back, mounting me in one smooth move. He starts slamming his fists into my ribs and abs. Instinctivly I tense my torso and try to curl up to protect myself from the blows. His position on my body means I can only get as far as a half crunch which just tenses my abs up and he goes to town punching and slapping my chest and abs. His fists just bounce off my stomach for a while, then he leans forward and concentrates all those years of martial arts training on my torso, soon enough the dull thudding of fist against muscle breaks down to a sluggish thumping as his fits go deeper and deeper into my body.

This just won’t do, Im not the ‘lying-on-my-back-and-get beaten-by-a-guy’ kinda guy. So I grab both his wrists to stop the onslaught of fists, pulling him down towards me we again kiss and explore each others mouths aggressively with tongues and spit. Now that I’ve lowered his centre of gravity on my chest I’m able to roll over to on top of him, sitting on his chest pinning his arms under my legs. Trapped under my weight his torso is open to my retaliation. I start to lay into his ripped up abs which flex and bulge with each attack of my fist. I pause from his abs and start working his nipples hard, twisting and biting my way across his chest. He bucks and squirms under me as his nipples go bright red and his dick pulses beneath me.
I work him over while he tries to resist me attack. The harder I work him the more worked up and sexually charged he gets, it damn sexy to watch a guy flood with testosterone and loose control.
I stop at his abs and shimmy up his torso, opening his crotch up behind me. His cock bends towards the sky, held back by the thin and straining material wrapped around it. I grab it and start pumping furiously on his cock. He bucks and twists and starts to grunt and moan.
“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck…” his head rolls from side to side as a new sheen of sweat appears on his tight tan skin. Suddenly I feel all of the muscles Im sitting on tense and flex as his whole body joins in on the orgasm. His body leaps and jumps in time with the spurts of cum which ooze slowly from within the black spandex.
His breathing is still slow and deep, all the sensations still running through his body. I dismount and run my hands over his now sensitive skin, smoothing the sweat on his firm legs across his abs and over his chest, down his arms and over his shoulders… just circling my hands around his body as the hyper sensitivity of his body start to return to normal.
Suddenly he is on his knees and launched in my direction. Before I react Im on the mats with his legs around my head in a figure 4 headlock, he is facing my crotch. Totally immobilised by the head lock I can do nothing but flail my arms as he roughly pulls down on my Speedo releasing my cock from its cloister. He tucks the Speedo down under my balls and slicks his hand with the sweat dripping off his chest. He grips it around my cock and starts pounding, with the other hand he grabs my balls and pulls them way down. Ding, Ding! Game over, that’s winning move right there. My body tenses and I resist against the grip that holds my body immobilised as my cum spurts out of my throbbing cock and starts dripping off his chest, down his abs and across his face. He wanted to wear my juice, but I don’t think he was expecting that much. It drips off his chin and his hand is covered in white cum as he smears it across my chest and down my abs. I lie there glistening in my own cum. Satisfied, exhausted and truly ass whipped.


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