Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Narcissus get told!.....

Dear So and So,

Oh how I wanted to argue with you. Thank you for the bile you threw at me last night, Im so glad you decided to share your thoughts with me even tho I really didn't care. Did you notice how nice I was through the whole conversation even tho you spend the whole time being a negative over oppionionated little shit?? Perhaps you should try that some time.

Oh how I wanted to argue with you. All through your messages when you were sharing with me how many cities you had lived in. Paris, London, New York, Frankfurt, Sydney, Melbourne, Rome all these experiences and you still think they are all the same and all "crap" and "superficial" places full of "the same superficial arses". Oh how happy you must be in your life. Try being possitive, try looking at the bright side. Try being happy. Oh how I wanted to tell you what I thought, but really Ive seen your type before. So I know better.

Oh how I wanted to argue with you and what you said in your message. Click here to read the message in it's entirety. This will open in a new window... Popup Blocker alert!)
And so now I will.... Knowing that I shut my mouth at the right moment to avoid a long and useless argument and sentiment of negativity. And thusly I now vent, knowing its harmless.

Just wanted to let you know that I’m not interested at all in chatting to you ever again.
Thank god for that! I was just being nice and letting you vent. I thought it was interesting that you really didn't notice that my answers had withered down to a combination of "yep", "wow" and "thats one way of putting it". Really, Im glad you have opinions....and felt you could share them with me....but really Im not sure how "Gday, how are you?" turned to your theories on the similarity of various cities of the world.

You're nothing but right when you wrote in your msn chat 'narcissus' - self-obsessed-motherfucking-wanker really.
Yes I am self-obsessed, Ill give that one to you alright...but the way you say that kinda makes me think that you truly beleive that your not. When really, over the period of our conversation we only really talked about you. Well at least when I said something you did take a moment to pass comment on it...then straight back onto whatever you wanted to talk about first.

I thougth this guy is WOW GREAT until you went on about Brisbane being backwards and how Sydney is so much better and you yourself live in Hicksville! I can't believe audacity you have to voice such an opinion.
I wonder what was worse to you? My comment that Brisbane lacked some of the cosmopiltan feel of Sydney, or that fact that I had an opinion? Sorry about that. Next time, Ill make sure I say something that matches your own opinion.

Also, your self-obsessed desire to 'get bigger' (which is great goal to have) basically discounts everyone else's goals and ambitions because you're too focused on physical aspect of live and not on anything else.
Of all the things we talked about thats what you remember? I think I know what your getting at tho... When I said that people who bodybuild show a drive and determination which I find attractive, you think I thought that 'only' bodybuilders had these properties. Which I didn't. When you said that a laywer who was fully focused on being the best laywer they can be had just as much drive as I did, I agreed with you. What I didn't say was that whilst my single minded persuite of bodybuiding success was absolute so was my persuit of success in my job. At 23 Im the Cheif Financial Control for a group of companies with an $8 million turnover, what was it that you did?

What you said to me seems that the only reason why you ever pvted me is cos of the way I look.
Umm, shyeah....Its Gaydar dude, that what you do. And it deffinently wasn't what you said in your profile: "THINK about what I am looking for and be CRITICAL - VERY CRITICAL of what you can offer me. That necessarily includes assessing yourself in all aspects - appearance, character, humour etc... and seeing if you REALISTICALLY would match what I want. If you think that there is some remote possibility that I will meet you - then more then probably I won`t." Ummm Okay, yeah thats attractive. But really what else is there to tell whether you want to message someone? What was it that you used to judge me worthy of a return message? It certainly wasn't my kindness towards animals...

Let’s face it, in 30 years time, you'll be 50+ and look as bad as any other average 50 year old. Then you'll realise that you perhaps should have been focusing on building your relationship not only with muscles but with brain, intelligence and things you have in common with your partner.
Actually, when Im 50 Im gonna be one of those big Muscle daddies. But thats not the point. Because in 15 years when YOU are 50 you'll still be bitter. At least Ill look good.

All the very best in your pursuit of your [shallow] desires.
Oh I see. When we were talking about your training and diet. And how your diet and training would work for me, and how everything I was doing was wrong, and how if you decided to compete you would easily beat me in any competition we were obviously talking about the broader issues of the desires and goals of my life. My bad.

It was so nice of you to not bother me with such questions of goals and passions and direction or even work.... You making broad and generalised assumptions about who I am and what I do really did save me time and thats great, thanks.

Oh how I wanted to say all that. Instead I sent you this: Thank you for your well chosen words. You have an interesting view of the world and yourself. I wish you good luck with that. Which I think kinda summed it up.

But ultimatly I think Ill leave the last word to you, from your gaydar profile: I AM NOT INTO: SKINNY, FEM, ASIANS or FATTIES. I don't do charity. My list is shorter, Im not into YOU.


At 9:48 AM, Blogger Superdrewby said...

Gee - someone certainly was acting like a bitter old queen! Adding my two cents in about the beefing up and body beautiful goals though.... I am going through (not as focused or dedicated) but a body and lifestyle transformation as evidenced by my blog. It may be obsessive and it may be self focused, but that is important! The body your body our body is your only true asset, so it's important to keep it in tip top condition, work out hard if that's what your goals include, eat well, drink less etc.

Excercise has so many side benefits, like overall well being, health, reductionin heart disease, reduction in cancer risk etc.

And the big one - it helps your emotional well being when done for the right reasons.

This guy sounds like he has let his youth pass him by and now at mid thirties he is bitter with his choices in life. Let him be bitter, after all he wil be the one on the side of the wall in the nightclub in twenty years still bitter, still unhappy...

*sigh* people like that piss me off?!

At 1:32 PM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Is that why everyone looks at me different when I take a break and stand against the wall in the Shift?!?

At 5:55 PM, Blogger Darien Markess said...

NO - they are just admiring the view when you do that ;-)


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