Saturday, May 05, 2007

Changing times and changing faces....

Have you ever been so comfortable with something that you never stop to ponder on its real reason for existing?? For the last two years Ive been a guy with a beard. Which doesn't sound like a big deal, but when your a 24 year old, 5'10 bodybuilder wearing the lastest clothes and dancing in kinda gets noticed.
Often in a lull of conversation with new people it would only be time before: "So why the beard?"
So anyway, the beard is gone.
I shaved it.
And as I looked at my reflection in the mirror I realised that it wasnt' just a beard. Id been hidding (I know! Cliche!!) but what I saw staring back at me was the guy I remember from photos before I took over the family business...
Relaxed and confident, looking at the world as an oportunity rather then a massive threat. When I removed my beard I removed the burden and the mask that had turned me into a cynical old man....way before my years were up.

So I sit here with a very white shaven face and a new outlook, a new sense of direction and hope.
I also sit here with short hair. The esoteric and gruff asthetic has gone, replaced instead with an open face, open eyes and an open mind.

(My mum still can't beleive how much more open my eyes look. "Id forgetten how blue your eyes were...." She said with a tear.

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At 2:32 PM, Blogger T said...

and yet readers hope for more than the simple view we saw on greatcockhunt...any chance of seeing've been working so hard and we can't all fly their to see the comp.

At 5:01 PM, Blogger Not so Single Guy said...

You are back mate!!! Can we see a pic sans beard. Where is your competition? is the public allowed to view? LOL

At 6:12 PM, Blogger brenton said...

where are the pics you promised me?

At 7:43 PM, Blogger Superdrewby said...

Welcome back!

now as brenton says where are the pictures!

At 11:23 PM, Blogger Sue said...

That's the very same thing my husband said when he finally shaved his beard. He was hiding behind it and didn't realize it until it was gone. Welcome back to the world!


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