Tuesday, April 03, 2007


So that last post was a week ago, and this is now...today or tonight, even though my day hasn't finished yet.

Im sitting here in my gym gear, eating my protein bar dinner on the way home. I was out of bed at 5am this morning to get in my morning cardio before starting my 2 hour commute. I wont get home till 11pm and will have to cook food and prepare my bags for tomorrows repeated adventure.
This is my life at the moment. Travel, work, gym, travel, get prepared, sleep...repeat.
I knew a guy who did this for a few years, the commuting to the Emerald city. Its fun, Im enjoying it. But I couldn't do it for any long period of time.
Its espeecially hard since Im still training like a beast for my competitions, training hard and eating strict.
What makes that hard now it the fact that over there is a guy sitting on the train eating his fresh and steamy Pizza Hut pizza...and a guy over there eating his Burger King meal, with salty salty chips..... Urgh the smells.

Despite all this busyness Im still going to job interviews and have gotten through to the final round of one in particular that sounds just insane, awesome and exciting. Thankfully, unlike last time where I tried to not get excited and failed, this time its taking so much focus to keep everything rolling and on track in my life that I don't have the time, energy or brain cycles to get too worked up over this one. Even though deep down I know I really want it and want it BAD!

My comp training is going well, Im ripping up really well and on schedule. My six pack is stacked with vengeance. My obliques ripple as I twist and flex and they are staring to feather and vascularise. The veins on my lower abs are popping out all over the place. Im really excited about it all and still going strong on that front. Hopefully I can take this ripped up body of mine and get into some trouble.... I need to get back to the sweat that makes this blog so popular!!


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