Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Responses from the Employment sector....

Wow, as this week starts my efforts of last week paid back all over the place. Two big responses for two very different job opportunities.

One was from an interview that I was luke warm about. Really it was just me panicking as I do from time to time, and then when they did make an offer after my blow away performance in the interview the true reality of the job was hard to mistake... It was a disguised sales job, pretending to be a marketing strategy job. But when the offer came through with a job description, it was bloody obvious....they deserve to get the idiot who falls for their bait and switch as an employee....

The other one was far more positive, this is the one I was sweating over all weekend. The answer came back as a absolute.....maybe. The problem as they see it is that they absolutely want me to work for them, but they don't think the role Ive applied for will fully utilize all the skill sets I bring to the company.... So Im meeting with them again..."for Coffee"....so they can pitch some different roles at me to see if I would be interested in higher positions with more strategic outlooks and more project management and business analysis components....
Which is a long way from the communications/marketing theme I've been working with for the last couple of months.... so Ill go with an open mind. Remembering what my goals are, what will make me happy long term and trying to not follow the money, even though I think the money will be big.

I just hope they don't give up on trying to fit the round peg that I am into their square holes and just walk away from a mutual opportunity.... the games begin.

Fingers crossed for me people!!


At 11:00 PM, Blogger Sue said...

I hate when this kind of thing happens (the maybe thing). Because it means that communication has failed at a basic level and there has been no meeting of minds. It can be so frustrating. Anyway, I wish you luck.


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