Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Comming up for air...

The sound of me coming up for air.....
I actually wrote this entry last week or so, in the back of my gym journal.... I was on a train...somewhere Ive been spending a lot of time. In fact I'm on that train right now. This time armed with my Laptop, so I can bring you guys the updates.... and break this uncomfortable silence.

So I had my first day working for someone or some company other then one owned or controlled by my family.
Effectivly this is the first time I've ever worked for someone...anyone.
It started as just a single day consulting in an office, helping out the company who had gotten into trouble with a glut of new work being held up by the process and paperwork in their administration dept.
I turned into two days.... and now they've asked me (really strongly) for me to stay another 3 weeks. (Since writing this they have asked me to stay until I get a new job....)
I'm not sure if this is something I should be doing but still I said yes. So Im working in the city for another three weeks or so (or longer as it now turns out). Which means I'm going to be halla busy.
The whole thing helps me get used to the idea and function of working in my Emerald city. And the associated 2 hour each way sojourn. So far its going okay but it does knock a big chunk of my day into the waste bin.
In reality I get off on being this busy. Always being on the move, and always 'doing'. Hopefully this will mean that Im more interested in partying on the weekends and letting my hair down. I haven't been that into going out and having fun before because I didn't really feel as though I deserved it...I mean really, other then apply for cream jobs what was I really going with my time??
Now, I deserve my weekends. Time to relax and chill out.

Im tired, and busy... my body aches with fatigue and I am the happiest...most centered and content.... relaxed as I have been since I got back from the States. Things are moving and Im happy."


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