Monday, April 09, 2007

Long weekend of relaxation...

What a weekend. Been pretty quite, I've been on edge the whole 4 days.

I had my job interview on Thursday night, last thing before the long weekend. Which of course means that its been 4 days of suspense to find out how it went.
To add to that drama the interview which I thought was going to be just with the person in charge of the department ended up including the CIO of the entire global company.
And they GRILLED me....they tag teamed me, it was relentless.

Then mix into this whole, brain rattling experience that fact that I thought the questions were soooo off base in terms of the requirements of the job. I tried my hardest to relay the skill sets and experience that I have which make me PERFECT for their role, but the questions they were asking were so unrelated Im not sure I was able to fully show how skilled I am at the areas they need for this role.
That's probably related to the fact that they are from a technical department and looking for a marketer, which is very outside of their comfort zone. Its just fortunate for me that I also have a degree related to their comfort zone so could answer most of their questions with my usual pizzaz.... and I think that the depth of my technical knowledge unrelated to my marketing surprised/impressed both of them.

So after that little experience and the following up and down of trying to not think about the interview and fantastic offices and the great simplicity of living and working in the area they are stationed.... I was a little quite.

I went to a friends birthday party on the Friday which was its usual hell. She understands my position tho, her birthday is always right in the middle of the hardest, most strict part of my diet.
So I sit around sipping water and trying to not notice the delicious finger food and the big, huge, chocolatey, home made birthday cake (that I could smell in the next room).... but they are my friends and they understand.
Im getting more and more anti-social as my diet get stricter and the cardio and training again ramps up for the home stretch.
Of course I have my party trick, where I get people to put their hands on the side of my chest (on my ribs) and because there is nothing between the skin and muscle I can flex the muscle and they can feel the ridges of the muscle move across my ribs....freaks em out every-time!!

So it was another non-eventfull weekend....well, it was eventful in that I feel relaxed and ready for the new week. I just hope that I can start this week with a job offer....


At 10:25 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Best of luck on the job Narcissus!

So do you do take your shirt off for your party trick? :P (lol)

At 6:26 AM, Blogger Not so Single Guy said...

You seem like a great dinner party dont eat and have bodily party tricks!

At 8:44 AM, Blogger Superdrewby said...

what other party tricks can you do with parts of your body....

I was int he Philipines once and this girl ... with some ping pong balls she would

oh never mind

Good luck with the role


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