Thursday, May 25, 2006

Victory is Sweet!!

So why the silence? Like I was saying a few posts ago I was preparing for my first Bodybuilding competition. Well, it was last weekend and I won 2nd place in my weight division! Getting a placing in a first competition is a rare thing in this federation so Im just joyous over the result. Especially since I was only going in the comp for the experience and really wasn’t expecting to be competitive at all. Turns out that I was very competitive.
It was such a fun and simply sensational day for me and I had a really great time and met tons of really cool guys and girls.
It was nice to be the center of attention for a while with everyone’s efforts on that day focused on us compeditors up on stage. It was very cool.
Now I’m preparing for the next level up in competition which is only a week after my last comp so I’ll probably maintain my silence for a little while longer.

Just wanted to say G’day and let you guys know that I am still writing here and how excited I am to see my visitor numbers going up every week. Now that Im writing for an audience rather then just for myself it should be a lot more interesting.
So guys, (and/or girls) keep coming back and checking out my latest rants, adventures and experiences as I keep sharing with y’all my life.


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