Sunday, August 27, 2006

New tattoo.....

Ive been thinking about getting a tattoo... Something significant to me but really discrete. Like on my ass. I kind like the idea that only the guys who I've slept with will know I have a tattoo there.
Kinda like a little club of guys with something in common... Like right of passage thing, knowing whats tattooed on my ass.
I've slept with a guy who had something tattooed on his ass... We were having lunch in a group the other week and I coyly said something which kinda eluded to it and you could straight away tell who in that group had seen this guys ass....Whilst the rest of the crew around the lunch table were left clueless....

I kind like that, its funny and irreverent.


At 4:05 PM, Blogger Darien Markess said...

Damn! Yes, do it!

D xox


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