Friday, August 25, 2006

Karate Kid Kicks my Ass....

I can't remember how I met this guy, we've known each other through the internet for quite a few years. We share quite a few similarities in that we both enjoy wrestling and muscle. Always a good start.
He's muscular and lean, supper ripped and hot as hell... bleached blonde hair and a wicked grin. Smooth rounded chest atop thick set abs of absolute rock. Shortened version: Hot!

First time meeting I catch up with him in the Starbucks on Oxford. He's sitting there with a very loose hockey jersey and bandana. He was cute around the face, but the baggy clothes made him look really small, kinda disappointing really. Not a problem though because he's a nice guy, and I don't mind throwing around a smaller guy.

Small talk precedes the quick walk down to the spa to do a little wrestling.

We get into the locker rooms and head in separate directions to find our allocated lockers. I strip to my speedos and wrap a towel around my waist and wait for the karate kid to come by.... He rounds the corner, towel wrapped low slung on his waist his tight abs leading beneath the snug towel. Muscular arms with bulging bicepts and rounded shoulders were quite a package. Disappointment completely gone, me thinks he was trying to shark me!! (You know, throw me off how impressive a fighter he was going to be)

To this point I know he likes to wrestle, but has only done it a couple of times before so our experience levels were kinda similar. But now I also knew he was hot all over.

We headed to the wrestling room and lock the door behind us. Smiles all round as we check out each other standing there in just our towels. I grab my towel and rip it off, leaving me standing there in my tight speedos (my standard attire for wrestling). I start to warm up my shoulders and chest and back, stretching and doing pushups to warm up. He strips down to his square cut lycra shorts and starts stretching and shadow boxing to warm up and start to sweat.
Finally we get to our knees and grip each others shoulders and get ready to rumble.
We pull in close together as our bodies clash together grinding and resisting as we struggle for dominance. I love wrestling... its the masculine struggle as our bodies flex and resist. The sweat starting to bead on our skin and drip from one body to another. Our torsos begin to get slick and the sheen in the low light of the wrestling room show off this guys body and the sinews of muscle as we battle each other.
Very quickly Im on my back with him straddling across my waist pinning my arms next to my body. This guy wasn't an amateur, he was quick - very quick- had amazing moves and the balance of an agile cat. While I caught my breath with this guy sitting on my heaving chest I decide to ask him....
me. "what training have you had exactly?"...
him. "none."....
me. "doesn't seem it, your fuking move really well"
him. "well I have kinda had a bit of experience with Karate"
me. "Oh really? What kind?"
him. He named the style but I have totally forgotten it....
me. "Oh cool, how long you been doing that?"
him. "9 years"
And there you go, this guy was kicking my ass.....And that's why. Its okay tho, because when you square up with a guy who's got so much style going on you know your going to learn something. Okay your going to learn something whilst upside down, flying through the air or in amazing pain. But learning is learning....

As we got hot and sweater the sexual tension goes up. The tight spandex clad across our loins started to strain as both of our packages grow in girth and other dimensions. Various moves on the padded floor finds our crotches grinding together sending those eyerolling waves of sensation through each of our bodies as our heart rates peak and he gets a look in his eyes... I know that look. Its a sexy combination of pure masculine aggression and sexual animal lust. The perfect combination. We throw each other around, sweating and moving from hold to hold. Submitting and resisting, playing the game and wrestling the crap out of each other.
Finally I have his head gripped between my thighs, his face FIRMLY planted in my crotch as he struggles to release himself. Like I've said before here (and here's that narcissum again) but my legs are huge meatiness that no man could pry his head from, especially when you add a little twist to the neck to just give that kick of pain in the spine. So he is stuck. Which gives me the perfect opportunity to reach behind me and take his massive, veiny, throbbing, spandex clad cock in my fist and pump it through sheer from sweat spandex material. His whole body bucks and twists and resists. This just became a first to cum looses battle and he was close and on the edge.


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hot page. :)

i miss Oz. :(


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