Monday, August 28, 2006

Karate Kid Kicks my Ass (continued)....

We're on the floor of the padded wrestling room, Im sitting on Karate Kid and things are getting interesting.
My finger barely reach around the mass of this thing stuffed in the front of his shorts. Up to this point I hadn’t really noticed just how damn huge it was, feeling its intense heaviness in my hand just turned me on even more. I started to rub my equally bulging crotch into his face, smashing my dick against his face and mouth. I pump and pull at his cock twisting his meaty manliness around and watching his body bump and grind in pleasurable reaction.
I reach under the elastic waist band of his shorts and am quickly met with resistance in the form of his hands grabbing my wrists and skilfully stopping their progress to the goodies that lay below. I look down at his and he smiles and shakes his head…”nuh uh ah ha” he means No (but trying to say it in a really coy cute kinda way).
Im thinking that he doesn’t want to cum yet, so doesn’t want me to pull my finishing move on his throbbing sensitive cock. What I find out is that he means no, never, you ain’t going there tonight mister!
After a couple more attempts at trying to get under his underwear I kinda work this out for myself. Nothing below the belt. Despite what his body is saying, his head wants to keep this purely wrestling. And whilst its not what I came here for, and Ive got a big massive throbbing ready to explode cock I respect his boundaries. We continue to exchange moves and submissions. Ultimately he kicks my ass by some ridiculous amount. We finish the wrestling exhausted sweaty and fuking HORNY!!!! Argh!!! We shower down and go eat. Im sitting in Subway eating and chatting with this guy with the bluest balls in the history of mankind.

I figure I’ve pushed this guy as far as he is willing to go at this stage. I forget about him for a while until I receive a new message from his. He wants to know when we are going to wrestle again. Being the glutton for punishment that I am, plus wanting to improve my wrestling skills I respond back and we set up another Saturday afternoon.

Same routine, we meet and head to the mats. This time he is wearing a skimpy speedo as opposed to the full size squarecuts he sported last time he kicked my ass. His bulge pushing forward suggestively. We grapple down, move exchanged with quick move. He grabs my wrist to try a takedown, I reverse it so Im standing behind him. I go for a sleeper wrapping my arm around his throat, his adam’s apple in the crook of my elbow. I reach around with my other arm and grab my wrist to pull on the full torsion against the sides of his neck blocking the veins that run around the outside supplying blood to the head. Darkness soon descends on him and just as the stars start to form in his vision he taps out. I release the grip and he lies there on my chest recovering from the close encounter.
He squirms a little, wiggling his back. The quick moment wakes my dick up to full flight and he starts to slowly move back and forth across my cock ridging over it with his spine massaging my cock head. It feel so nice I wrap my arms around his chest and pull him closer pumping and thrusting my hips into his back as my dick works harder and harder.
He pulls away and we begin to wrestle again. This time he gets me in an arm lock that has me completely immobilised face down on the mat he kneels beside me tweaking my arm for maximum pain and control. I refuse to tap, he won’t get me on this… I lie there trying to not show how much its hurting rolling from side to side grinding my chest into the mats in an effort to switch direction and break out of the hold. As I dig my chest into the mats my ass lifts into the air. Having the situation taken care of with one hand he takes the opportunity to run his hand gently across my speedo clad ass. He discovers the curves and crevices of my ass slowly running his open palm around my bobbing ass. Finally the pain is too much and I tap out rolling away from him. I look back at him and his cock is at full mast and being pressed by his speedo over his hip. He reaches down and with an open hand rubs along the length of his cock. I sit back against the wall, sweat dripping down my chest and running in little rivulets down the curves of my abs…I stare at him with my cockiest “come hither” look… If this was going to happen it had to happen in his own time under his own undertaking. This was pushing his boundaries and I wanted him to be comfortable with what was going on.
I was right, the horniness took over and he came over to meet me leaning on the wall…. He came in real close face to face. Then he kissed me. Deep and strong, like we hadn’t finished wrestling yet….we’d just changed the rules. I push over him as he rolls back. I mount his prone body and start working his nipples as I push my tongue further into his mouth.


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