Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mr Funky Continues...

So we get to his apartment and listen to some of his tunes. He’s a mixer, which means he takes samples from other songs and puts them together to make some new sounds. He is really good and some of the tracks he’s playing me are really hot. Some old classic dance hits taken and lifted off the chart by building up the base and sending them over the top….in short they were hot. Which was cool, because he was hot too…. His favourite song kicks in and he smiles because Ive started to groove and react to his sound. He leans in with a big grin on his face and kisses me fair on the lips, softly sucking my lips. I slightly open my mouth and his tongue glides against mine as I reach my hands around his waist under his tshirt and feel my way up his torso, pulling his t-shirt up as I go. I reveal his smooth skin and amply flowing abs. Yum….

He pushes me so Im lying on the couch and he follows quickly after me straddling my prone body. His hands are exploring my chest and shoulders from under my tshirt as he slowing pulls the material up and over my head. My t-shirt gets caught on my shoulders and bunched up around my biceps trapping my arms behind me. He uses the opportunity and starts lapping at my nipples while my heaving chest is exposed and open for the onslaught.
I work the shirt off and throw it behind me, moving to start on his ‘t’. I whip it up and off in one movement and leave him slightly taken aback by the suddenness of the move and the quick effectiveness of the stripping. I start to explore his body and feel my way across his firm, smooth chest and down his lean, tight arms. I go back to his full lips and we loose ourselves in the pleasure of just kissing and holding each other. He stands up and walks off to the bedroom, I follow behind.

In the bedroom, he kneels on the bed and signals for me to come stand in front of him. I walk up to him and stand there arms folded in my most arrogant pose….If it had words it would of said “and what did you have in mind now??”…. He reaches forward and starts to undo my belt and split my fly. He pulls my jeans down, but like all my pants they stop after 4 inches as they bunch up on my quads and get stuck. Now that sounds really hot, you know…my big meaty muscle bound thighs so big my jeans won’t pull over them….but it’s a terribly unsexy moment when I have to sit down and pull them off myself…kinda ruins the mood. But anyway, after I finish rolling around on the floor I stand back to try regain some composure and regain the mood of the scene.
He’s smiling broadly, which is cool…cause that means he saw the humour in what was going on… because it is funny. And there isn’t anything as unsexy as a dude who can’t have fun while fuking. I mean common, it aint rocket science. Its not that serious.
So anyway, he gets up and cups my ass with his hands and runs his hands down my legs. Feeling as I jump my quads around and flex my legs so the muscles split and jolt. I may have lost a lot of my competition shape, but my legs are as good as they were on stage…and well, I wouldn’t be Narcissus if I didn’t enjoy giving a bit of a show. (;-D)

By now he is standing in front of me, so its my turn to attack his belt and quickly shuck his jeans so his standing there in his boxer briefs. I like his briefs, they are kinda shiny like lycra or spandex. Almost swimwear but not quite. Very sexy. (And it turns out later that he actually designed them and is now looking to launch them at the Milan fashion show- So anyone out there who wants to be a financial backer for a hot new underwear company get in touch!!)
Anyway, we step sideways and both kneel on the bed. We start kissing and caressing. I reach down his unders and grab his cock. Grabbing it hard I pump it a couple of times at Mr Funky’s head tips back and his mouth opens. That felt good. Next he moves in and reaches up through the leg opening of my unders and starts pumping with my rock hard cock, damn there isn’t anything hotter then the first time a guy grabs your cock. Its such a sexy and warming feeling that travels through your body as you get ready to really make a mess…

We move into the 69 position. He devours my cock and swirls his tounge against the head and around the shaft. Its soft and nice and my body shivers with the world worth of content he’s passing through my loin. I start sucking and licking at his cock head and his attention at my cock stops and the waves of pleasure pass through his body. We both get into the action and its truly enjoyable as we each work our specific way with the others cock. We’re lying side by side and I start running my hands across his thighs and up his back. He reaches around and starts to gently twinge and pinch at my nipples. That’s just rapturous in my books and I eagerly start thrusting my cock in and out of his mouth, face fucking him while I work quicker and quicker on his cock. We move around and take turns sucking each other while the other lays back and enjoys. I love looking up at his body reclining under me as his abs stretch tight and gently ripple as he rolls in pleasure.
Finally, we move so he’s kneeling next to me with his cock sitting on my hip while I lay on the bed. I bend my leg at the knee so I trap his cock between my quad and my stomach. He starts frotaging my hip as he throws his head back and gets into the pleasure of he cock enveloped in mounds of flexed muscle. His tempo speeds up and sweat starts to appear on his brow and drip down his flushed red, heaving chest. His stokes suddenly turn short and quick as he gasps a few short times. In a moment he is pulling very slowly all the way out to the tip of his cock then all the way to the base as he pumps string after string of his creamy masculinity over my lower abs and legs. His body, once tense, now fully relaxes as he slumps back to bath in the pleasureable after glow a man feels once he has spent his load.

After a moment he reaches across and starts to pump hard at my cock which is positively jumping and twitching for release after that little display. His fist blurs as he runs up and down my shaft. I lift my head and whisper “Play with my balls, pull on them…” he doesn’t need a second invitation and he goes for broke on my sack. The combination of the rough pumping on my shaft and the tight pulling on my balls puts me over. I cum over and over as I roll my head back and feel the orgasm pool across my body. My cum drips down my sides and leaves giant wet spots on his sheets as he reaches for the strategically placed Kleenex to try mop up the juice dripping all over the place. Hands fulls of wads of Kleenex passed around and soaked in sweat and cum.

“Come for a shower…”
We jump in the shower and he starts soaping up my body and working the soap suds across my chest and abs. He gently cups my balls and gives them a careful soaping. My cock is still hard, so he uses the soap to gently stroke the shaft from balls to tip enticing a jump from my member.
I grab the soap and run it across his chest. I turn him around so my cock is seated in the crack of his ass. I grab his shoulders hard and start giving him a firm massage. I can feel the tight muscles in his neck relax as I play my gift across the width of his shoulders, down his arms and across his back. He leans back pressing his weight against my chest. I hold him up as I continue to massage his torso while the hot water cascades over his skin…
Eventually we finish, I get dressed and leave. He wanted me to stay and sleep, but I can’t…. I have a training session first thing in the morning (and nothing gets in the way of my training ;-D)


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