Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Game Player (concluded)....

The Game Players thick tied-off cock, hanging stodgidly wrapped in veins looking very inviting. I drop to my knees and push my hands against his hips, pushing him back twards the wall. I pin his back against the wall and hold him steady as I open my mouth and suck his cock into my mouth. I work his cock over slathering it in spit and making it glisten.
He moans and rocks against the wall pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. Spit runs down my chin as the player gets louder and more into it. He puts his hands behind his head as I look up across the landscape of his deep cut abs and pendulous sweaty pecs hanging periously over my head as his chest heaves and strains under the waves of pleasure.

His breathing gets quicker and quicker, soon he is breathing in short gasps and spurts. Suddenly he grabs my shoulders and launches me accross the room and pins me to the bench. He dissapears between my sweaty cut thighs and sucks my cock down, the waves of warm sexy sensations cross my body as I sink further into the padding on the bench...relaxing into the talented blowjob that I am now being serviced by. His strong tounge flicks accross the top and bottom of the head sending sharp stings of intensity through my abdomen. His head bobs up and down and all around left and right at high speeds adding up to a single sensation of rapture.

Every now and then, he would pull off my cock to make a comment on something or continue a thought of a converstation which we had started earlier.
He pulls off my cock and sits on the bench.... he's playing with his half hard cock as he talks some more about the various topics we had covered to this point. We talked about our fetishes, about lovers past and internet dating.

And this is where is get decidedly unsexy. The sad story people of blogland is that we talked alot, all night infact. The game player never got hard again that night.
My balls were blue but in the end we had talked so much and found out so much about each other that there was no longer a sexual spark. No sexual tension. (aint it sad?)

We started the beginings of a friendship and it was fun to chat to someone so deeply on some of the things we talked about. But goddamn it, talk about blue balls.... I fuking limped home.

But at least Ive discovered this new cruise club, which Im going back to this weekend... Hopefully then you'll get the climax your reading for. (The story climax people, damn what are you thinking?!?) Hehehehe

(Feel pity for my poor balls)


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