Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Playing with Studs...

A hot Saturday passed and the sun had warmed everything in its path. The night cooled the air but the radiant heat remained. It was such a wonderful warm night I decided it was deffinently a night to party.
I call my mates and organise a meet up at The Shift, for a night of sexy debautchery and frantic dancing.

We roll up to the club and its pumping already. The music blares from the speakers and the hot house music pulses through the crowd.
We dance and groove, the DJ is on fire and the music slips between hot house and light trance, uplifting vocals and simmering beats.
The night flows and I move through the people chatting with the people I know and even those I don't the vibe is up and everyone is here for a great time. There is a lot of talent here tonight, its like the whole city is out to party and have fun. Loving life, because life is good!

I make eye contact with hot guys all night. I don't have a need to hook up tonight, the night itself has been just what I needed. Then one guy does more then catch my eye, he tingles my balls. A sexy as hell guy who is grooving and moving through the crowd with masculine confidence and a flair of fun and enjoyment.
We keep making eyecontact and smiling, he is sexy and friendly. He keeps moving around the crowd dancing with his friends and chatting with the people he knows, as do I. Finally towards the end of the night as the crowd thins we finally bump into each other face to face.
"If you were any sexier Id embarrass myself right here..." I whisper into his ear. He smiles a big friendly smile and replies "I might like to see that...".
We check each other out, soaking in each others bodies. He is my height, perhaps just a little shorter. Neatly trimmed body hair clings to his chest and abs. His stomach is tight and leads seductively down under his low slung baggy jeans with a big rustic leather belt. He is hot.
He has stud earrings in both of his ears, usually this would look feminine but it makes his look rebellious and edgy. And thats why Ill call him studs. He is hot. Apparently he likes what he sees as we both lean back in. I take my cue and I grab the back of his head to draw his face in to mine as we kiss. Deep and sexy and wet. We hold our bodies close together as we explore with our hands and exchange with our tongues....
Our bulges grow in our jeans bulging towards each other until I can feel his hardness against mine. We are causing a scene, and we don't care.


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