Friday, October 27, 2006

Muscle toy to muscle boy...

A little more reminiscence… Mardi Gras time and all the boys are back in town! A guy Ive been chatting to on and off in America emails me to say he’s making the trip for the week of frivolity.

This guy is cool for two reasons. One, he’s a wrestler. He wrestles for fun, for the male charged pleasure of it and for the masculine man on man sweaty fuk that it can become. And that’s hot.
Secondly, this guy is a big boy. A true bodybuilder. Massive. Oh My God big…. I would have missed mardi gras itself to have to opportunity to be in the same room as this guy, in speedos flexing for me.
It was towards the end of the weekend and we decided to meet up and head down to the city steam rooms which also had a themed wrestling room.

I organise to meet up with him in front of the Gloria Jeans on Oxford St and head my way to meet him there. Ive only seen pictures of this guy on the internet. This always worries me because at this size, guys can change their look so damn quickly and with not always good results. (A heavy steroid course will produce great muscles but hold tons of water and pack on the fat…. I didn’t want to play with a fatty)
So anyway, Im waiting for this guy to turn up. Of course I see him first, I mean this guy does nothing but stand out of the crowed with his wide shoulders and rolling chest parting the crowds of people as he moves amongst the gatherings on the street. I make eye contact with him as he continues to walk past, he gets a few feet past where Im casually leaning against a wall when he turns back to come by for another pass at me. I smile again and he decides to make his way over to where I am.
“Gee, I hope your who Im looking for….” Was what he said. “I hope you’re the muscle fuk Ive lined up for this afternoon too.” At that he smiled and stook his hand out to shake. We introduced ourselves. I was horny and didn’t hear a word he said in his intro as I drank in his all man, all muscle body. But then I realised he was talking kinda funny. Like if you closed your eyes you could sweat there was a 16 year old American teen standing in front of you, and not even necessarily a boy either. But this guy is HUGE and Im HORNY, so I let it slide. But then he pulls me to one side, away from the crowds on the street path and lowers his voice.
“Im not sure if I’ve told you this yet, I usually do by this stage but I can’t remember telling you… I have AIDS.”
Well, knock me down with a feather. Not what I was expecting, but what was I meant to say? How could I really say at this point…oh well thanks for coming but Im just not comfortable with that risk. (Especially since we had planned on wrestling which more often then not ends with someone bleeding from somewhere…)

He asked if I was going to be okay with that. I told the truth, I didn’t know. This was my first encounter in this situation and it hit me for six. So he suggested that we continue to walk down to the spa and just see what happens. I agreed, I said I was still interested in mucking around like his flexing and muscle worship and all those non-penetrative activities.

So we got to the spa and stripped. He was steroid ripped, steroid vascular and had a steroid belly. And that’s all fuking sexy to me.
We played around. I ran my tongue over every vein and inch of muscle. The whole time he didn’t even get hard, and he had a cock ring on…. Turns out he was so fuked up on steroids and three days worth of party drugs that even if we wanted to go hardcore there is no way he could have done anything anyway.

This was a real disappointing session for me. I mean a big muscle guy like this would be my ultimate fantasy but that effeminate voice and actions coupled with the risks…. He just didn’t do it for me.

But damn if only I could play with a true muscle god like that!!


At 10:40 AM, Blogger Sue said...

Damn! What a bummer. Great story though.

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Not so Single Guy said...

I missed your muscle steroid filled stories:) hope you are having fun and living more stories!

At 3:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"..with my own special protein supplement." lol..that is so bodybuilder and a new name for that. Like your blog


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