Saturday, October 14, 2006

Oggy Boogie Boogie.....

Wahooo....Okay just to let you guys know that Im thinking of ya and I want to post some stuff for you but this afternoon before I hit the gym I accidentally took a double dose of my thermo supplements.
I got distracted after taking them the first time and didn't remember until after an intense feeling of De Ja Vu that I had just taken them again. So right now Im a little ADHD and can't really concentrate on what Im doing, so Im going for some cardio and a big night out!!

This will be my last weekend out in Australia for quite a while so my best friend and I are going out "for a quite Coffee" which will ultimately become a terrorising exercise that will see the entire city touched one last time.... Ill let you know how the night goes, but since Ill be on my best 'straight' behavior I can pretty much assure you that this night out wont lead to any of the stories that I know you guys love...

I hope everyone in Australia is enjoying this warm weather, and everyone else in the world is enjoying their super fantastic weekends...


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