Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Narcissus learns how to Gaydar....

It funny the things you think of when your at 33000 feet and staring at a carpeted wall (decorated in a rather hideous shade of 90’s grey).
I never told you guys about my first time hooking up off Gaydar. I really think I should cause it was a hot as hell session with my usual set of daring quarks and twists.

Basically this guy was fairly standard Sydney gay; smooth and athletically muscular, trendy, friendly and horny.
We messaged for a while to build a real relationship where we became really emotionally involved with each other….so after those 10 minutes I was on my way to my Emerald City.

It was at the time when the Gay Games were being held so the gays were really in town! It also meant that the sun was shinning and the city had opened itself like a wonderful flower stretching its petals in full glory of the sun.

Getting into the city revitalises and recharges me. On a day like this it makes me feel the invincibility of my youth and the open adventure of my life. I park my car and walk to the apartment building where I was meeting my guy. Nice building, very nice. He greats me with a broad smile and a firm handshake. Not queeny at all so that all checks out.

He nods in the direction of the apartment tower and says we should go and have some fun…he approved too.
He asks if I wore my speedos like he said I should and saying yet he grabs my arm and leads me to the complex’s spa (Jacuzzi for the American amongst us).
“Might as well have a bit of a chillax, what do you think?” Takes me 0.3 seconds to think, “Hell yeah!”.
He turns away from me and pulls off his tshirst. A nice tight back, smooth and deeply tanned. He pulls his jeans down to reveal his the ‘speedo’ logo tightly stretched across his tight bubble butt. The material sheened in the light as it pulled across his ass as he bent over to unhook his pant from around his ankles. YUM!
No way was I going to miss out on this, I walk up behind him whilst he struggles with his jeans. I place my hands on his juicy globes and run my hands over his ass and around his waist pulling him in close so my growing bulge rubs roughly against the thin material shrouding his ass crack.
I pull him in close so he can feel my hardon pressing deep into the groove of his ass. He stands up and leans his back against my chest and leans his head back giving me access to kiss him from the side.
He pulls away from the embrace and slowly hides himself below the surface of the water submerging himself in the bubbles.
I stand back and with him studying each move of my body I strip my tshirt and jeans down to the thin nylon Aussiebum bathers tied tight at the waist. They hand loose but show the weight of my balls and the ample and growing bulge of my cock as it snakes its way towards my hip.
His eyes don’t blink and don’t move, he is already thinking about what happens next and his eyes betray the lust that he is feeling right now. I can’t see below the water level but I know this guy is rock hard and ready to have some fun.

I walk up to the spa and slowly feel my way into the warm water. I find a seat and settle in across the bubbling waters from Mr Gaydar…. His foot quickly finds its way across the tub and settles between my legs. His toes fondle with my floating balls and plays around with my semi erect cock. He smiles at me, he’s being coy. I don’t do coy. I swim over to him and float in front of him while he waits for me to make my next move.
I wait there, running my hands up and down his smooth and tan thighs below the surface of the water. Occasionally my hands would reach up and tickle under the tight stretchy spandex of his perfectly fitted Speedo.
I could feel the muscles of his body, his flawless skin and his aching bulge. I take a deep breath and disappear below the bubbles of the water. I pull his cock out from his speedo and swallow it into my mouth. While holding my breath and with mouthfuls of spa water and cock I work his cock with my tongue, with some suction and with the swishing of the water created by blowing the water around his cock. His hands move from the top of my head to brace down on my hands which grip onto his thighs. I’m actually very good at holding my breath and this guy is spasoming and slipping all over the tub as his body is taken over by the warm pleasure sensations wracking from his cock up through his body.
I come up for air to find his head leaning back against the side of the spa rolling from side to side in a daze. His mouth agape he simply groans as he sucks in big lung fulls of air struggling to hold onto the edge of wherever he went. I smile appears on his face as he deeply sighs.
“Fuck!” “That was awesome, I didn’t think you’d ever come up for air”
He pushes off from the side of the spa to meet me in the middle of the bubbly turmoil. He grabs my shoulders to pull me closer and kisses me deeply holding my shoulders to keep me close as the water pushed us around.
“We gotta go upstairs right now….” Was all he said as his ass appeared teasinly in my face as he climbed the stairs to exit the tub. The wet material clings tightly to his ass as each cheek flexes and bobs around as he takes each step. The soggy material hugs down his crack showing perfectly the contours of this most fabulous ass.

He wraps a towel around his waist as I get out of the tub. We collect our things and head for the elevator. The doors open and he pushes the floor button probably 76 times before pulling away and waiting ‘patiently’ for the doors to open. He takes off down the long cream on cream hall and jabs his key into the heavy apartment door. He throws the door open and stands to one side to let me in. The apartment wall opposite the door is wall to wall, floor to ceiling glass. From one side of the apartment to the other all you can see is opera house, harbour bridge and water. Fuking Nice! The huge plasma screen on the wall is muted on some music video channel of payTV. What a dream apartment. Fine art and hot, sexy furniture.
I grab him and kiss him where he stands. He pulls away and asks if Id like a drink, all hospitable and shit. “Bedroom or right here?” is all I say. To his credit he takes a moment to think about it and looks around the main living area…. “bedroom…” and with that he grabs my hand and leads me down a halogen lit hall way toward the sun drenched bedroom with massive open windows billowing through the cool harbour air.
I grab his shoulders and soon he is on his back on the bed. I straddle him with one knee either side of his tight waist. He puts his hands behind his head letting his biceps ball up and flex. I bend down and start to suck on his deep brown nipples. Underneath me his tight body jerks and resists against my weight sitting ontop of him. Not a chance. He wasn’t moving anywhere, these nipples were mine for the working. And I worked them good, I worked them until he started making that grunting sound a guy makes when he is slipping into pure animal in search of the stimulation to achieve orgasm. I sit up and reach behind me to where his cock is leaking pre-cum and pulsing in time with his heartbeat.
The strong grip on his cock, tight around his throbbing cockhead is enough to get his hips bucking like a man possessed as his ass flexes and his body squirms in reaction to the stimulation on his almost purple cock.
It does’t take long, Ive had him on the edge so long his cum spurts down my fist and rolls down his thighs as his head thrashes around with each rocking of the earth wave of pleasure rolls over his body.

I let go of his cock and reach for my own. Watching this guy cum was enough for me and in a few pumps of my veiny cock covers this guys chest, face and the wall behind his bed with my own special protein supplement.
The sweat rolls down my chest and drips off my abs onto his prone torso.
We both smile at each other as our breath returns to normal.
“That was hot….” Was all he said.

Yes, yes it was. Welcome to the world of Gaydar.


At 11:17 AM, Anonymous naprem said...

ugh...don't say "chillax." It's like when people say "guesstimate" - just makes me shudder.

Nice tale though!

At 3:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"..with my own special protein supplement." lol that is so bodybuilder and a new name for that. Like you blog


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