Monday, October 23, 2006

Accosted at the airport...

I totally got checked out in the airport on my way through! Not by some uber hot excecutive type who happens to be an underwear model and amateur bodybuilder in his spare time but by two of the security team at the airport.
Because Im flying direct into America the security on the flight is impressively strict. Once we had gotten through all the standard security stuff we had to do it all again for individual baggage checks carried out by hand and a pat down by a member of the security team. Nice and safe.

Anyway, as I walk up to the security check point I see the ear to ear grin on the first security guard controlling the front of the que. He points to the security station at the end of the counter. Two female security team members where standing there with totally mischievous grins on their faces. I quickly worked out that they had seen me coming and asked a favour of the guy out front…. It was so funny As I started to walk off in their direction the male security guard leans in and says “They both got their eye on you!” plus a sneaky grin.
It was all in good humour. It was quite flattering and I liked the opportunity to feel like a little bit of a hunk.
When it came to the pat down a male guard walked up and asked me to hold my hands away from my body as he proceeded to search me for any hidden copies of the Koran. As the guy felt around my ankles under my baggy cargos the female guard not going through my bag giggles then says to the male officer…. “I can do his back if you like?!?” to which he replied “You can stay right there you hornbag” It was fun.

But still it would have been nice to replace the two female guards with two Hot House models…. Then we could of have a strip search….

“Im sorry sir, Ill have to check that bulge in your pants for security reasons….” Damn man! I should be writing this shit for real….this is gold!


At 11:39 PM, Blogger tino2 said...

that's HILARIOUS--being hot can make annoying security a bit more entertaining.


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