Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Narc seeks the beat...

And Im not talking about my DJing... I was chatting with a dude online a couple of weeks ago and he mentioned something about a beach where a whole bunch of guys go when they are seeking to connect with thier animal instincts.
Its a beat. I'd heard the term before but really not had it connected to a specific location. Now I have.

It happened a little while ago, and it was a strike out so I didn't share it with you at the time. But scott's suggestion of a beat in a university in USofA reminded me of how fun these things were.

I headed over to this beach which is protected by a thick line of shrubs which seperates the road from the beach. On the road side a long line of cars park up on the nature strip. This must be it!
I head down the path to the beach. Milling around the middle of the path near a beaten track leading into the bushes were a couple of dudes just chatting about. Both were 20s (around my age) and one was standing there in just his boardies, his t-shirt tucked into his waist band. Slightly hair in that 20s but naturally smooth kind of way, smooth flat stomach and the beginings of a chest like he'd lifted weights with his footy team but not much else... It was hot. I liked. But this is were I made the mistake. I saw this guy and thought "Geez, if this is the first guy I see..hell this place is gonna be far more packed with hot dudes then I thought!!"
Okay, I know. Stupid.

But in the end I had a great time lurking around checking out the different guys and chatting with a few of them. (Talking is apparently not kosher) but hey....when have I followed the rules.

So anyway, Im hoping I might get back there one more time before I leave for the states....I want to get my beating technique down before I hit USofA.


At 9:07 AM, Blogger Not so Single Guy said...

I think La peruse beach in Sydney is very beatish....lots of action the rocks


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