Sunday, October 22, 2006

First stop San Fran...

San Francisco, what a place! I haven’t arrived at my first accommodation location in Florida yet so technically I’m still in transit (30 hours of moving with no sleep and still counting). But I still managed to have an amazing day in San Fran, soaking in the sun and walking around the civic of the city.
You see, to get anywhere in America you have to go through either Los Angeles or San Fran. So you get the choice, a 3 hour stop over or 12 hours…. I choose 12. That meant I could leave the terminal go and have a workout and get back on a plane ready for a new trip rather then flying the full 23 hours in one hit.
As it worked out I got into the city within 20 mins of getting off the plane. Only problem was that I hadn’t really researched San Fran that well yet…. I mean that’s weeks away on the itinerary so I hadn’t gotten round to it yet. So when I got off the ‘Bart’ (San Frans answer to the metro) I was just guessing at a station. Downtown Civic sounds good I thought….. Can anyone say “Da Hood”? Because when I resurfaced from the rail ride, that’s exactly where I was. And that was intense. Drunkenness, drug abuse and lots of grills…. And that was just at the burger joint I stumbled into in searching for sustenance (I quickly stumbled back out).

I was walking along the blocks a little scared pensive trying to workout what to do, other then not making eye-contact… Then in the distance I see some large towers, aha! So that’s where the true CBD was. It was only a few blocks and soon the pawn shops, pay day finance and dental jewelry stores made way for names that made a little bit more sense: Luise Vutton, Channel, Abercrombie + Fitch….and wait for it …Westfields!
Yes that’s right 14 hours on a plane and the first big American mall I hit is a Westfields, I could have just gone to Miranda! Well actually not. This centre was fantastic and had a Macies, a Abercrombie and a Hermes… Not your average Westfields.
So anyway, I had a bit of a wonder around and then decided to find a gym. My goal is to hit the Gold’s Gym in each of the cities I visit on this holiday so Im starting in San Francisco. But seriously, it was an unreal experience. Doing cable flys and during rest breaks looking out the window at the rolling city vista with its undulating landscape traversed by rattling trams rolling along the city streets. It was a surreal combination of something which is so familiar to me with something so absolutely abstract. It blew my mind and I had a smile from ear to ear the whole time. Of course I went to the Golds in The Castro on Market St…. And the guy who helped me on the front desk was so damn cute! Not hot, not that testosterone fuelled drop me here and mess me up kinda spunky hot but the take me out wine and dine me, party all night with me then finish me off cute. Blond/blue, my height, my age…lean and athletic…you know, cute.
Now really this workout was just about getting a workout in. By this stage Id been up for more then 24 hours and I wasn’t really in the mood to hunt but I tell ya what? Those guys were checking me out all over the place… And I can tell you that felt GOOD! I felt really good about the way I look, which is nice because its been a while. I can tell that when I come back here in a couple of weeks and have a place and all the time in the world Im going to have a TON of fun in this end of town. The stores are so cool, and the people are nice. Its going to be a fun part of the city to explore….

Next Ill be in sunny Florida chilling out for a few days, Im still undecided on the whole Disney land question….but we will see how I go.


At 11:03 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Welcome to the big ole US of A. I would imagine that guys will be all over you the way you look. You are just going to have a blast here. Folks just love an Aussie accent. ;)

At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Sean said...

as someone who hates amusement parks, I say GO to Disneyworld. if nothing else, it's a special sort of window into the American psyche and proof positive that the majority of the population could lose a few around the hips or belly :-)
skipping it altogether (though if you are in Lauderdale, it might be easier to go to Disneyland when in So. California) would be like going to Greece and skipping the Parthenon.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Superdrewby said...

OMG you are so right about Disneyland Sean! We went there a few months ago in LA and I couldn't believe the size of the people.

It's amazing to see people that are wider than they are taller and then the kids! These kids probably weight 80kgs before they are 12, and you just watch them waddling along eating fairy floss and other high calorie fast food

That's the American dream! To die of a coronary by the time you are forty!

Mind you doesn't stop me from loving the USA :)

At 3:23 AM, Blogger tino2 said...

U won't have the time for Disney---he he ;)

I'd take advantage of the all the gay communities here. Unless of course Disney has a gay day and you have a room at the park.

SF was a good choice mate.


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