Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Meet the Head Honcho

Manhunt is great. It’s the American version of Gaydar (and for you Americans Gaydar is Australia’s version of Manhunt ;-0).

I pick up the interest of a truly aggressive top/dom guy, who obviously attracts my attention. Damn it, whats with my and my aggressive guys??

So anyway we chat and decide to meet up to hang out, watch porn and JO. Both being tops there wasn’t a whole lot more to be done. Hopefully Manhunt would a bottom as well and make this a real party.

So anyway, I grab a cab (oh god I miss my car!!) I head over to this guys place at Wilton Manors which is the gay ghetto and as gay as it gets in Fort Lauderdale (You know how us gays like to group together…)

So anyway I get out of the cab after paying my fair. As I close the door behind me, this guy speeds off not even waiting for me to remove my hand from the door handle. This guy was obviously in a hurry. Only problem was my bag with all my ID, camera and money was still in the boot of the cab which was hurtling down the street and quickly out of my sight. (The things I go through for a fuck!!)

So anyway, after a few seconds of sinking panic I got out my cell phone and started calling some numbers.

(Don’t ask why there is a cell phone! I know Im meant to be on holidays. I know I should be able to exist without a cell but truthfully…. I lasted 8 hours in San Fran before I caved.)

So anyways, having secured the location of my bag at the taxi depot I knock in the door. (Still a little worked up over having lost my passport and camera…)

He opens the door. This is an in charge man. That’s sexy.
I’m not sure if y’all recognise what I’m talking about? This guy is all smiles and hospitality and stuff but he exudes that control aura. It’s a feeling you get when a guy enters the room and he is instantly the one telling it how it goes. Usually I’m that guy, but today Im sharing that role.
It works for me tho, I love matching it with a guy who is as alpha as I tend to be.

So he shows me in and leads the way through the building rubble. The place is being renovated but really its almost done. It’s being converted from a nice small family condo into a truly filthy/sexy dungeon.


Slings from the exposed beams, black out curtains turn the bright sunlight into thick dark. Chainlink on the walls for tie off points, saddles and whips and restraints hang from hooks on the walls. The dark grey walls highlight the deep slate floors. Plasma screens flicker hardcore porn and the speakers throughout the house blare trance/techno music which sets the mood as dark, deep and sexy.

Damn this guy is hooked up!
I start taking mental notes for when I start building my play rooms.

So I follow the Head Honcho into the bedroom where a massive bed sits in the middle of the room. He strips off and climbs on. He has a really masculine body, man-scapped body hair over an athletic body. It’s all hot with his 5 o’clock shadow and messed up short cropped hair.

I strip my shirt and pants to stand in just my grundies. I stand next to the bed and his hands head straight to my chest and flicks at my nipples. We kiss deep and I kneel up onto the bed.


At 12:08 PM, Blogger tino2 said...

okay... WTF?! Ending an entry on that note is cruel ;)

At 12:08 PM, Blogger tino2 said...

btw, glad the bag turned out alright...

At 8:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is cruel and unusual punishment and the in US - you can be tried for that sort of stuff.....

At 1:23 PM, Blogger Not so Single Guy said...

like..cell sounding yank now! great story. Hope you got your passport back!!!


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