Sunday, January 14, 2007

Man the Life rafts!!

Narcissus is Drooling again....

So Im at the gym, doing my thing.... ie lifting heavy weights and sweaty profusely.
Im chatting and being friendly with the boys and just enjoying a long workout on a quite saturday afternoon.
And then HE walks in.... Same age as me, a little taller at maybe 6' but this guy has been on the dark side since he was 17 or 18. Which is YOUNG. But for a guy like him its pretty normal. He wants to be a pro, a real pro. Which means HUGE. As in Oh. My. Fucking. God where has the sun gone? BIG!
Well anyway, while I was overseas in America so was he..... but only we were doing two very different things. He spent a few months over in the US getting the best advice from some of the biggest names in training and 'supplementation'. I expected to see him again and be blown away by his MASSIVE new size. Usually he wears big baggy t-shirts and baggy Adidas sweats so all you really get to see is his massive frame highlighted by his boulderous shoulders before everything else is obscured by baggy clothing... but not on this day.
He came in, smooth skin covered in a perfectly even tan as dark as chocolate (he's Mediterranean in heritage) but today instead of big and baggy he's wearing a perfectly fitted tank top which clung to his ample and heavy chest before skimming his torso not so it was tight but perfectly flowing on his new found waist line...
He was Hot. I nearly died. It was only now that we were all able to see how truly big this boy had become in his advancement into manhood. Massive shoulders with deep separations and pumping veins. Big boulders for biceps and thick triceps that made his arms hang away from his body with their weight and volume.
For the first time in a long time I was faced with exactly the body I want to achieve... Damn it was hot, impressive and oh so FINE!!!
I can't wait till I jump over to his side of the fence..... Just wait till I look like him.... I'll be unstoppable.....

To illustrate the body and the age relationship below is a Video of Tony Breznik who is a 21 year old GOD.


At 12:59 PM, Blogger Sue said...

How does a guy get that big at only 21 years of age? He is freaking amazing! Alhtough, I just wanted to give his little billy goat beard a tug. How silly is that thing?

I can't imagine what it must feel like to be so muscled. Though, I'd like to feel it (whole body looks like a big veiny hard on to me). lol

At 12:51 AM, Anonymous Michael (UK) said...

This 21 year muscle boy is totally stunning...blond and lean muscled perfection. I wanted to tug on more than his beard!!


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