Monday, January 08, 2007

Busted!!....By my own honesty....

So I have to wait for my window to be sent direct from Alfa Romeo.... one of the penalties you pay for driving a less then mainstream vehicle. Even the local Alfa dealer didn't have the window in stock because not many of my type of car were made, so I have to wait.

And so the date. Unfortunately, as much as I want to tell you everything that happened (It was so nice, all the way through), I can't.
I made the mistake of letting slip the fact that I had a blog other then the one he had already seen. (My other blog is a family safe collection of pictures from my travels abroad and my first two bodybuilding comps).
So anyway, he knows that this blog exists. And he freaked out. Not in an aggressive way just in a subtle 'thats fucking with my head' kinda way... So I promised I wouldn't blog about him or our date.

Which makes me think. Now that I know his reaction about the blog would not telling him have been the right thing? I wonder what the other guys I write about on my blog would think if they knew their sexual encounters were being documented? (Although there is one guy who's written about here and reads the blog...;-P)
Was telling this guy a mistake? It certainly changed what happened at the end of the night.... but would not telling him have been even more dishonest?
Im sure these guys talk about me to their friends, so isn't my sharing with you guys just like that? I mean, all you guys are my pals aren't ya? heehehe
Just makes me think.... What do you guys think??


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