Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tagged and laid bare....

Okay, so Superdrewby sent me a zinger!! He tagged me to write about my Goals and Objectives for the coming year.
And Ill be honest. Its hit me for six. (Or "taken me aback" for our American readers...) You would think that at such a crucial and life-changing time in my life (such as where I find myself now) that I would totally know what and where.
But the truth is I don't.

Ive got the passion stuff down easy.
This year Im going to:
- Compete in both regional bodybuilding comps in May.
- Use my qualification to compete at the Australian titles in October.
- After October be ready to begin my switch to the open federations.
- DJ in a live venue again
- Enter some photography comps
- Finish a major creative project

In terms of relationships I really don't know. I know I want to:
- Expand my friendship circle and let more people in.
- Strengthen the friendships I already have.
- Have easier and more casual but more frequent interactions with my friends.

But whether that means I want a boyfriend? I don't know. I think Im at the stage where Im not looking for one. But if one happens to get stuck with me I'd like that too.... but really I don't think any of that will happen until I move out and have my own place.

Which leads me to.... real world goals:
- Get a job
- Move out of home
- Make money and a future

Ah, and there's the rub. After 6 years in my old job Im now have experience in a position that Im not qualified to hold. But in the areas of my double major double degrees I have no experience.
Dilemma. At my age Im really not looking forward to having to go back to the bottom of the heap and work my way up again. I don't mind taking a little bit of a step down in terms of responsibility (and therefore wage) to get into the industry I want but Id really like to not have to go all the way back to zero.

Further to my dilemma, I don't even know what industry I want to go after?? Im university qualified in both the Marketing and Computers/Business Systems industries and my experience is in business financial management.
At this stage Im only applying for jobs which excite me, and fit with what Id like to be doing for a long time moving forward.
(When I get desperate later on then I start on the jobs that I simply qualify for.....)

Overall 2007 is going to be a power year of transformation for me. Up until now Ive had to stay behind and take care of the family. Now Im free from that Im out to start my life and head in the direction that Ive always dreamt of.

And as always, the pursuit of a dream can be a scary thing indeed. Im not afraid of my dreams, just the chance that I may fail at them.
But really, Ive never failed at anything before. Why would I start now?

I hope everyone else out there is psyching up for a big year. Chase passion, embrace change and live life.


BTW, Im meant to forward the tag onward to more Bloggers.... but all the guys I know online have already been tagged, and the rest of the guys I read would look at my name and wonder "Who the f*&#k?" So I'll leave it hear and wish everyone else luck in their 2007 searchings....


At 5:54 PM, Blogger Not so Single Guy said...

Good goals mate...

You should write a talent for stories.

Planning a bloggers meet up soon...u should come.

At 3:14 AM, Blogger Sue said...

I can't really picture you failing at anything you try. You are way too driven to succeed. Besides, failing just means that you really learned a big lesson that you could not have learned any other way. Then, other doors will open.

I think it is a good plan to go for jobs that excite you. That way, you will spring lightly out of bed each morning and run out of the house to get to work, eager to greet the day. I had a job like that and it is easy then to love your life and be happy.

At 11:52 AM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Sue: I spring out of bed everyday to do my morning cardio, the colder it is the more I enjoy it. I love torturing myself... hehehe but I know what you mean by facing the day in an upbeat way. I look forward to a job that lets me do that.

NSSGuy: Id love to come to your Blogger meet up. But then I wouldn't be anonymous anymore. And we all know how the last guy reacted to me being a blogger.... ;-(
Maybe I could wear those fake glasses with the funny nose attached??


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