Sunday, December 31, 2006

French lessons for Narcissus (Concluded)....

We're lying next to each other, his body heaves from the convulsions raping through his body after my assault on his cock. He pulls me close, moving his body atop mine grinding our cocks together slicked by our sweat and his precum. Our bodies glide together, our cocks trapped tightly pressing between muscles and bones. Bumping over the undulating surfaces and stimulating the sexual urges like a faux fuck can.
Then he falls to his side, stretching out and reclining with his legs and arms intwining within mine. Like a loose embrace, a casual hug. And then he did it.

Get ready for it.

Here it comes. And it ain't sexy.....

He reaches out and pinches at my stomach. "Awwww, your tubby!" What. The. Fuck.
"What?" I try to stay calm.
"Oh, I say it affectionately!" You see apparently to the French calling a guy your in bed with fat is some kind of verbal foreplay.
"Your so big everywhere....Look at these legs, they are bigger then my waist!" Its a nice try, but the dude had dug himself a deep hole. Revenge Fuck anyone? I wanted to tear him open. But I kept my calm.

I explained that I was in prep for my bodybuilding. I threw out a few poses as he cooed. Then he proclaimed that I should try cutting out carbs and sugar.
"I think you could loose....3, maybe, kilos per week" the french accent I found so attractive was starting to buzz in my ears like a mosquito flying around my head at night.
Remember, this is all happening lying naked together on the bed in this loose embrace.
I explained to him that I knew how to loose weight and that I had quite successfully done it before... still he continued about the times he had gone no carb....
At this stage Im thinking about my dick and balls. My poor balls. All I wanted was a fuk, dump my load. Thats why I was here, not for some conversation that had now veered somewhere in the direction of how Yoga could help me realign my life so I was happy... Who said I wasn't happy? Im ecstatic, obviously not right at that moment. But other then that I'm very content.
I keep playing with his cock trying to get him back onto topic, ie fucking.

"This is nice." He smiles warmly hugging me closer to his body.
"Just chatting, all this skin contact....Its nice" He gives me a squeeze. I must have missed the part where this sex house became a hold hands and chat house.
For fucks sake lets cum and lets go! I was becoming impatient, especially as every topic we cover becomes a lecture on how I should be doing things, living life or something else. Apparently this guy knows everything. And is all too eager to share that with me.
I keep my cool, I keep my humility. This guy just needs someone to talk to, and tonight thats me. So I listen. and listen and listen.

Fast Forward.

He notices my dick starting to get soft. And realises he's gotten lost in his own conversation. Quickly he devours my cock and sucks it back to life. Which really only takes a couple of sucks and he's back to gagging on it.
He brings me to the edge and then comes up to kiss me. He runs his hand around my crotch, gripping my dick and pressing his fingers against my ass and massaging my perineum. I grab my dick and start to pump. He massages more while kissing me deeply. I pull away and tell him to grab my balls.
He grabs then gently and rolls them softly in his hands. "Harder!" He grabs on them, pulling them away from my body. "Harder!" I hiss as he gets the picture and jerks down on my balls roughly. That does it.
I lay flat on my back, body jerky and rolling as wave after wave of orgasm washes over my body and through my spine down to my balls and out of my cock in jet after jet of hot cum.
The sensation passes and I look over to the french man, he moves in to kiss me again and I realise half of his face is covered in my cum. And I mean COVERED, it drips from his lips. One eye is pasted closed my the heavy fluid slowly oozing its way down from his brow across his cheek.
Oooops. Sorry. I make my apologies. I should have warned him about that. Im used to ducking from my own loads... this guy got covered.
I grabbed his cock and started to pump at him... The whole scene had put him on edge so his cock was running with clear precum, almost as if he had already cum.
He asked me to suck him, but I refused. I didn't want to suck down a mouthful of his precum. (Plus Im not sure if thats a safe-sex no no? Can I get sick from sucking pre-cum?)
So instead I grab his cock with one hand and press on his perineum with the other....working my way towards his ass. As I pump and massage he gets closer to the edge and starts squirming around. Finally I get two sweat and precum lubed fingers and shove them up his ass. His back lifts off the bed as he arches his body, every one of his muscle flexing as he racks and ravages with the pleasure of orgasm. He bucks and moans as his cock leaks over my hand and his ass contracts tightly around my fingers.
Covered in cum we lie together breathing heavily.
I wipe his face, toweling the cum from his chin.
He heads upstairs to smoke the joint he's been craving for. I head for the showers then the door.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger Superdrewby said...

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At 8:07 AM, Blogger Sue said...

What a bummer! Right in the middle of a hot session he begins to lecture you on your fitness level! Sigh. At least you got off. Happy New Year Narcissus!

At 10:32 AM, Blogger brenton said...

how funny... at least you got revenge on him...
very hot though.


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