Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Surfie Boy...

Okay first of all....I have to get rid of that video of Tony Breznik. Every time I log on to do something with my blog I totally get distracted by that video and get nothing done. (Well not 'nothing'...but no writing at least.)

But anyway, yesterday was all about the summer I was forgetting to have. You see, ever since I graduated highschool and started working full time Ive never had a summer. I didn't even have a holiday for six years, let alone a summer. I worked so damn hard through the summers only occasionally looking out of my office window wishing I could have a weekend off or even just a day to spend in the sun.... (I know this is the story for a lot of working dudes - and dudeetes- but I was in my 20s summer sun and partying should have been de regur.

So now that I quite my job I would have all summer to play hard and make up for all those missed youthful summer memories. Only problem was, I forgot.
Until yesterday, the sun was out shinning my friend had the day off and so did I....Lets hit the beach!!
We went to Bondi. The sun was shinning and the boys were out in FORCE!!! Damn there are some sexy as hell guys on that beach. Tanned and smooth. With tight asses and big packaged stuffed into the tightest and hottest swimsuits out there.... yum.

Naturally to say, if I wasn't horny already (and by god I was) I was sure as hell horny after.

After the beach I hit the gym. Nothing like a big workout to get the testosterone coursing through my veins.
So I hook up with this guy. Blond curly hair, a really surfer boy look. Tan as deep as it comes. This guys tan was so dark I could still hear him sizzling. Smooth all over not a hair on his tight and ripped body. Wide shoulders cap his lean and vascular arms. His big heavy chest, smooth and round shadows his lean and tight all weather six-pack. (all weather meaning that the cuts on his abs are so deep you can see them all the time. For some guys, their abs only show under certain lighting conditions.....)

So anyway this guy is hot as hell. We kiss. A deep soft, exploring kiss. I brush my hands over his hot body, my cock jumps in anticipation. I run my hand over his chest and across his nipple, he takes a sharp breath in, a gasp.
I smile.
I know what that means. And in an instant Ive pulled away from his lips and have attached myself to his nipple. Sucking the nub into my mouth and softly chomping down on tip of his sensitive nipple. His knees buckle as he falls back towards the wall landing with a thud against the solid support. He's half moaning and half whimpering. Like it feels so good its overwhelming. However you describe the sounds they fuking turn me on so hard. I sink to my knees and devour his cock working his head and shaft while I reach up with my right hand and flick at his chest, sending electric pulses through his body.
He tightly grabs me by the shoulders and pulls me off his cock and back up to his face to kiss me again deep. But there is no way Im leaving those nipples alone. I move back down licking at them before again sucking them into my mouth to work my teeth over the sensitive skin. He starts sinking down the wall, with his head rolled back and staring at the ceiling. I grab his shoulders and direct him to the bed. I push him onto his back and hold his hands down at his sides, then start to really work his nipples as his body wracks and squirms at the sensations coursing through his body. Because Im holing him down and not touching his cock his hips swing wildly trying to get some stimulation to his cock to match the sensations running from his nipples to his balls.
Then in one swift movement I release his nipples and suck down his cock and work it hard and fast, a flurry of hand and mouth working with such ferocity and suddenness his only reaction was for his whole body to go rigid and let out a scream/moan/groan that just drove me wild.
Quickly he rolled away, panting and sweating. He jumps on top of my pinning my hips to the bed and devouring my cock in a single swallow. One hand goes for my balls while the other plays around my asshole... My head rocks back and my body arches off the bed as I let out an all mighty moan as every ounce of my body is wracked by the sensations of pleasure and ecstasy.


At 3:00 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Well, I'm all hot and bothered now, my blood racing and I can't wait to hear the rest. Don't keep me waiting too long now, Narcissus.


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