Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ahhhh Venting is FUN!!!

Dear Mr PonyTail,

Hi, how are you? Although you may pretend to not recognise me, I know you know who I am. We go to the same gym at the same time everyday.
I mind my own business and you keep staring at me. Normally, attention is not a problem for me. Im used to it.
But I will say this; if you stare at me until I look in your direction and then you sneer at me, puff out your chest and turn away like I am beneath you one more time, I will break one of you limbs.

I know your comparing our two physiques (I over heard you and your buddy talking). I also know that you are looking in some fucked up mirrors. Because although we may be around the same size in terms of upper body and arms.... I don't have a gut hanging out from beneath my cut too short T-shirt. So stop looking at me with contempt like your dismissing me from your assemblage.

I congratulate you on your diet and loosing so much weight so far, but really until you don't need to suck your stomach in, throw back your shoulders and push out your chest when your doing your comparisons don't bother me.
Especially since you obviously want to show me that you think your bigger and better then me.... here's a hint: Meet me on stage in 10 weeks. Only then can you truly understand how silly your little comparisons are.

But then again you can't, can you? Your 40 year old steroid soaked body wouldn't pass the required tests.... And yes, MotherFucker, I amReally steroid free. I don't care if you don't have what it takes to get to where I am natural, because I do. (And really, is the statement "I couldn't look like that without steroids, so obviously he's smashing them hard..." really an insult to me? Or more likely a expose of how truly clueless you are.)

So, shut the fuck up, stop sneering at me and accept the fact that whilst we are close in many respects you don't even come close in so many others.....



**Few I feel better now. That guys been shitting me in the gym all damn week. Now I can go and smile at him all cleansed and peacefull....
Which would probably save me from being thrown out of the gym (again!).


At 3:28 PM, Blogger brenton said...

you got thrown out? haha... getting a little hot and bothered were we?

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Superdrewby said...

Now like Brenton - tthat's a story I would like to hear!

cute, dangerous and volatile at the gym hehehehe


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