Saturday, February 10, 2007

Weekend Playtime....Guy Three

Third Guy:

So I continue my hunt on the floor of the spa. I spend a bit of time checking out the porno (which is just getting worse as the day/night drags on).
Then this guy darts around a distant corner and catches my eye. Deep, deep tan and huge wide shoulders first catch my eye. This guy is built wide and tall, a great looking stud with a shaved head and 5 o'clock shadow.
Again furry along his torso and abs. This guy more so then the last. A nice flat stomach and a sexy heaving chest. At first he moved quickly and darts down the corridors and around the open spaces. He kinda makes me think he's "Speeding" along and I don't tend to play with guys like that. They are in a different place to a non-drugged up dude and never really works out for either person, so as hot as he was I kinda wrote him off as just being drug fucked.

However, over the next period of time we end up playing a game of cat and mouse. We would pass close to each other moving past each other in the corridors, the size of our two torsos meaning there was little space would pass between us and the sexual energy kept increasing each time. Suddenly he would be in an area where I was hanging out then I would run into where he was. Soon enough we were cornered together. I looked at his face, he wasn't off his face, he was just nervous.
We head to a room and he steps in close grabbing at my fast growing cock. He raises an eyebrow in what I take to be appreciation/approval and I go for his towel.
I rip it off him and go for his cock. I get a big handfull of meat in my hand and start to pump up and down as he rocks his body back and forth in time with the motion.

We kiss momentarily as I grab him and head to the bed. I push him down and get up next to him on the bed. I press my weight over his torso and he's pinned into position while I grab his cock and suck it down. His body tries to jerk and bounce beneith me but he is held in place by my weight.
His head rolls and he moans deep. He relaxes into slow deep growling as I work his cock with spit and attention. Suddenly he jerks up and sharply pushes my head off his cock.
He stands up and disappears between my legs as he grabs my cock and sucks it deep into his throat.


At 9:02 AM, Blogger Sue said...

Yum. This sounds very promising too! Just how wide were his shoulders? I love wide shoulders. Some times they are wide enough for me to lay across (butt to my shoulders). Furry. Yum. Did you suck him hard?


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