Monday, February 12, 2007

So god damn Inconsiderate!!!

So I've just gotten back from the gym, to tell ya the truth my t-shirt is still dripping and there's a puddle on the floor under my desk...but Im just too wrecked to change. (It was a legs day)

So I ran into a couple of mates at the gym today (one of whom is the mate who a recent fuck reminded me of...Mentioned here and here)

So anyway, Ive been noticing both of them getting a little bit broader and lifting a little more weight the last couple of weeks, but when I saw them today they were massive.
GODAMN those inconsiderate FUCKERS!!! They are on a steroid cycle!!

This always happens to me, just when Im loosing weight and starting to shrink into insignificance the people around me all start to slam on the roids and just rub it in.....

Mind you, with both of these guys looking a hella alot more buff.....there are some new dudes to checkout when Im working out... hehehehe (Ah, and there's the silver lining!)


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