Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend Playtime....Guy Three...(Concluded)

He sucks my dick deep into his throat and then pulls back as his tongue unleashes a flurry on the tip of my cock. His talented attention to my cock made my head roll back as I held my body off the bed, leaning on my elbows behind me. Meanwhile, one of his free hands had a tight grip wrapped around the top of my sac, pulling and twisting my nuts with each slurp and suck on my dick. His other hand made its way along my inner thighs and along to my ass. He gently pressed his fingers against the hole and probed around the edges of my ass. The pleasure waves rampaged through my body, when his hand got to my ass and pressed against my puckered ass I let me arm collapse from beneath me and I went crashing down to the bed. Fully reclined this guy worked over my dick, balls and ass with total skill and dedication.

I grab his head and pull him up my body and upto my face where I kiss him deeply. I can smell my sweaty ball sweat smell all around his mouth and that drives me crazy. He gets up on the bed over the top of me. A knee either side of my prone body.
His cock is sitting on my abs, pointing up towards my face. I grab it and use the precum that oozes from the end to lube up his whole shaft. He rocks his hips back and forth on my torso as I pump him up and down.
I wrap my fist around his cock and balls in one big handfull. I pump his whole package up and down as the sweat starts to collect on his hairy pecs and run down his furry abs to land on my chest and abs.
His head rolls back and then snaps forward as he suddenly hunches over and pushes my hand out of the way. He grabs his cock and I feel the droplets of cum spray across my abs and legs as he shivers and grunts hunched over me.
He leans back again showing his cock with just a single drop of cum hanging off the end of his red and softening cock.

He gets off my legs while I pump my cock. He stands on the floor between my legs which hang over the edge of the bed. He grabs my cock and starts pumping, pushing my hand out of the way as his other grabs for my nuts which he pumps independently. He roughly tugs and pulls my balls, punishing them almost as he works my cock. My hips lift and sink on the bed as I get closer and closer. He starts double pumping my cock and just slowly and tightly pulls my balls in a single downward motion until I cum across my abs, chest, the bed and the wall behind us.
He stands, smiles. Slews the sweat off his heaving chest with a single sweep of his hand and wraps the towel around his narrow waist.
Then he leaves.
I lie there a moment, catching my breath and just chillaxing before getting up.

I wrap my towel, go for a shower then hit the nightclubs with some mates. These mates don't know that this weekend is my cancer free celebration because I never told them I underwent treatment.
They thought I was particularly happy and fun. (They thought I was on drugs)
But I was just satisfied and happy.
And free to party in my Emerald City. And Oh what a party!!


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