Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Listen in Dancing Fiends!!

Okay, so I like music. Dance, trance, house, rock, pop, rnb come to mind.

I also workout a bit. Between 4 and 5 hours a day.... so I tend to get very bored of the music on my Ipod.

Recently Ive been listening to a London DJ's podcast. The music is hot and uplifting. Just the right tempo and intensity so you can listen to it anytime.

Well, turns out that not only is his music choice and mixing talents unquestionable but DAMN he is HOT!!!

And Im not just talking "Hmmm yeah? Okay I can see that...." kinda hot. Im talking "Get the handcuffs and strip...right now" kinda sexy.


So check out his mixes here and subscribe to his service, its awesome.....

Funky London @ Podomatic


At 12:52 AM, Blogger Sue said...

Hmm. Yeah, that music makes me want to move and I can definitely feel the beat. Very nice. He is a hottie too.

I speed walk now that I have shin splints and can no longer run. I use my iPod to listen to Salsa. Ever tried it? It'll make you move. Makes me wish I studied Spanish in school though. Marc Anthony is my fav.

At 10:00 AM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Sue: Salsa?!? Nah mate, I already look like a fool when I start headbanging at the traffic lights when I got my heavy rock on the ipod.

Shin splints=ouch! But I never run either. Muscle catabolism is a bodybuilders enemy.... I always walk.

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Sue said...

See, I would think that bodybuilding would be painful. Ever hear the old saying, "No pain, no gain"?

I love the pain from running, because it means that you are working. I hardly noticed the shin splints, so I ran one right into a stress fracture. Oops! That stopped me. Stopping running was the hardest thing to do. I started swimming instead; thank goodness I can do that too. But then I discovered speed walking and now all my problems are solved.

I would at some poing like to lift to put some muscle on my embarassingly small upper body. At one time I did gymnastics, but all of that muscle is long gone. I would be essentially starting from scratch. How tiresome. I guess I just need to find some local hotties like you to inspire me to work out. hehehe

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Oh, BTW. I didn't say I could DO the Salsa. Nope, my body just doesn't move that way. I just walk to it. It has a really great beat cadence.


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