Thursday, March 01, 2007

Azure in retrospect (beyond the politics)...

Azure. What a party.
Through all the controversy and the politics and the ramifications I had a fantastic night.

I had lunch and packed my cargo pants with the necessary protein bars to get me through the rest of the day. I headed up the mountain and in towards the city. The clouds blackened and bellowed closer as I approached the city.
By the time I had parked and was walking towards my friends apartments the rain was lightly drizzling down, wetting the ground and the enthusiasm.
After chatting around for an hour or two, waiting for the stragglers to arrive so we could head down to the harbor to start the party.
By the time we hit the street the sunglasses are out and the sun is trying its damnedest to break through the cloud cover as patches of blue appear but quickly dissapear again.
Ive never been to the Harbour Party and was greatly looking forward to seeing what had been described to me over and over again as one of the most visually stunning party in the world.... and you gotta admit it, thats one hell of a call.
So as we passed the much commented on police patrols, and sniffer dogs through the entry gates we passed by the upper area party area and headed down the rainbow lit pathways towards the waters edge.
The ridges of gum trees surrounding the path cleared and the first views of the dance floor sprawled below us. Giant lighting towers framed the dance floor that jutted from the face of the cliffs below us out to the harbor wall.
Beyond the dance floor was the gently rolling azure blue waters of Sydney harbor connecting us with the city on the other side.
The towers and offices of the CBD rise out from the dense trees of the botanical gardens on the far edge of the harbor. And to one side, the Sydney Opera House and Sydney harbor Bridge glinting with damp as the sun started to poke through the loosening cloud cover.
The music pumped loud and the thin crowds who had started to converge on the site stood about bopping to the tunes and catching up with mates.
The atmosphere was excitingly friendly and joyous. I was so excited to be there and the smiles everywhere suggested that I wasn't the only one.

As the crowds formed on the massive dance floor and the sun made its way behind the clouds towards the horizon of highrise buildings a moment happened. Like a freeze frame that was designed as a memory for everyone to keep.
The music was building, it was housey and funky. Wherever you were you could feel a flash of warmth accross your skin as suddenly in an explosion of gold the clouds broke wide open and for the first time the suns rays shone across the harbor onto the party site. The golden rays bouncing off the tall glass buildings like giant disco balls.... the golden force hitting the crowd making everyone turn towards the heat as a giant cheer came up from the crowd overpowering the blaring sound system, as if everyone realised in a moment that this was the moment that they would least I did.
The moment where life is good, all is right. Breath.

What a great party.

**Picture credit to (Azure 2006)


At 1:48 PM, Blogger Not so Single Guy said...

where are the hot boy stories?

At 4:48 PM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Yeah, I was working on that when they shut the party down... but Im going to Shift tonight to hopefully close that deal. ;-)


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