Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thanks and an Update...

Wow, thanks to everyone who sent their best wishes for my interview this week. The crazy thing is that whilst I had such a long period of ABSOLUTLY NOTHING in terms of interest in the last couple of days I've been to 7 interviews and 3 assessments for technical aptitude in regards to my computer literacy.
(And to quote: "I haven't really seen anyone with scores this high before..." oh yeah, Im the man! Who's the man? Im the man! *High Five*)

Anyway, I've had job offers (but Im still waiting on the BIG offer from Mondays interview, where I embarrassed myself with my own excitment in my last Blog post), shortlists, phone interviews and all sorts happening in the last couple of days.
Unfortunately this takes my attention at the moment so I haven't really done much thats interesting to you guys AKA Fucking..... but I continue to try.

I did meet a sexy, intelligent man and fun to be around dude for drinks on Monday...that was fun ;-)


At 2:36 PM, Blogger Sue said...

You da man! Excelling in the workplace is a different kind of turn on for me. Hope you get that big offer.

(I'd high five, but I'm not sure I can reach from here.)


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