Saturday, May 27, 2006

Second time round

Because of my high points and high placing in the bodybuilding comp I competed in last week I received an invite to compete at a much larger event in the city. So here I am getting ready to oil up and flex my skinny butt on stage to be judged by all.....I can't wait. The anticipation is different this time round, instead of looking forward to the opportunity to do my thing onstage, Im really looking forward to a second chance with some of the things that I thought I stuffed up the first time round.
Now, I know I have pretty much no chance in this competition because it is so much out of my league in terms of who competes there, but its such a great opportunity to get more stage experience and improve on my posing, presenting and 'performance'. So Im really looking forward to making some big improvements this time round.
Because this is just for experience, and because I achieved so well at the competition I was aiming for it makes this whole experience much more about having a bit of fun and taking risks. So this time round the diet is going to be a little bit different in the lead up and we shall see the result of a different approach. Its all very exciting.

But I tell you all, with all this focus and energy being directed at this one thing...esp with so much focus on how my body is looking I have ZERO sex drive. (And doesn't that sound sexy?!?) Perhaps when its all finished and done, and I put just a little bit more weight on Ill feel sexy and energised again...hopefully Ill find time to hit a club in my Emerald city (that would be fun)

So anyway, its back to my boiled fish and steamed vegetables for now....Hopefully Ill have a rompy, sexy, sweaty and all so naughty story to tell you guys soon from my re-activated sex life... Because really, when your as lean as I am right now.... Anything can happen (Or should that be anyone??)


At 12:52 AM, Blogger Darien Markess said...

Ummm - so where are your pics??? :-D


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