Thursday, June 22, 2006

Naughty but Nice European makes anal conversion....

Well, well, well….Now I get it! Let me tell you something, up to this point I have never really been a fan of the anal style of sweaty fun, fun. I’d never really gotten the attraction of the whole situation. Plus, in all my experiences with the whole ‘Bend Over and Take It Like a Man’ scenario the sensations to me were only as great as the sexy feeling I get when a guy is wriggling and moaning in ecstasy.

(However, if the guy is on anything that makes his dick as unresponsive as a my Mom’s dog after his Kibble and Prozac then there is Zero fun or interest in it for me, the guy can moan and thrash but I like to see the results of my hard work!!)

But this weekend!! Horny? Yes. Busy? No. Going to travel to my Emerald City for some fun? Hell yeah! So I did my usual thing. I get into the city and go to the gym….Or really I should say cruise the gym.

(hey, sometimes its fun to actually check guys out in the gym as opposed to furtive glances in the mirrors…just outright staring, with the occasional nonchalant eyebrow raising to keep things interesting)

I had dinner at my favourite place to eat food when your just being casual and eating by yourself (because you know there are only a few places where you can feel comfortable eating by yourself) and then I headed to Bodyline.

You see, in all aspects of my life I’m the No Bullshit kinda guy. Cut the chase, go for the point. Work, social or whatever else I’m the guy getting rid of the crap and getting on with it. That’s why these sex joints appeal to me. Wanna fuck? Then go fuck. See? No games and no dramas (and sometimes no conversation or names, and that’s okay) So I head in, strip to the obligatory towel and commence a lap.

(Now, here is the Narcissus ego in me. I LOVE walking around in that towel. Especially since I still have most of my contest winning physique in tact this is one venue I’m allowed to flaunt it and goddamn it, I love it!! I go shower, letting the water run over my chest and down my abs, absently rubbing my arms as a group start to form of guys just stopping in their tracks. I know, I know…I am a bad boy!!)

So anyway, Im doing the waiting thing…Waiting for someone to come along who sparks my interest. So finally as I’m walking through the change area to head back upstairs I notice a guy who has just coming in…. perfect. Eastern European looks, smooth and ripped body and a bounce in his step which indicated that he wasn’t going to just starfish on me.
So I head back upstairs and wait for him to make his appearance on the hunting floor…


At 5:29 PM, Blogger Darien Markess said...

Ummm - so next time you plan to head to bodyline let me know.

I wanna 'watch' too ;-)


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