Monday, July 03, 2006

Naughty but Nice European makes anal conversion (Part 2)

Continued from Naughty but Nice European makes anal conversion ...

There he is, walking through the corridors checking out the dudes and heading straight for me. I like to stand near the porn theatre so when Im waiting for stuff to happen at least I can watch the porn….But it also gives you something to look at so you don’t end up just staring at someone. So this guy makes his way into the porn theatre and takes a seat. I glance at him sideways and he looks back at me, I go back to looking at the porn on the screen and so does he. I make the decision in my head that this guy is going to be my mark for the night I glance back towards him and cock my eyebrow in my “come and get it” kinda way… add in a wicked grin and a nod in the general direction of the darkness where only the noises of man on man flesh action could be heard. (That and the sound of that insistent thumping thumping of trance that you only hear in sex clubs…funny that)
Anyway, he grins and starts the walk towards a room where we can get going with the sweaty stuff….I follow behind and smile.

We get into the room and I grab for the light switch, these guys always turn the lights down…damn it, I wanna see what Im playing with!! This guy has spent hours doing ab crunches alone and he want to fuk in darkness so I can’t see them?!? Seems a little misguided to me….
Anyway, down goes the towel and I start running my hands over his shoulders and smooth chest, down his abs he is just delicious.
He runs his hands around my torso and down my back grabbing the back on my towl and ripping it off my body. Naked at last!
He kisses my neck and moves down my chest and nibbles my nipples…. Hell yeah. I pull away and start to pay with his rosy nubs. He groans and rolls his head back and grumbles slowly, oh I think that was a hot spot.
Not a word had been spoken up to this point and I leaned in to ask him just how ruff he would let me go…I need to set boundaries cause I can tend to get too ruff for most guys real quick. I ask how hard he likes his nipples worked…he leans back in on me, into my ear and whispers in a dis-jointed, heavily accented way: “ you…can do…whatever…you like. Stop…Ill make you…if I don’t like….now your…nice fun” Then he grins and as he sinks down to devour my nipples again as he flicks and nipples on them. The great news being that as I get older my nipples are becoming more and more sensitive.
He works them over some more then I push him off and we continue….


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