Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mr Funky comes to town...

So this guy messages me on Big Muscle (always a good sign), new to Sydney and looking for a party. I look at his pictures and he is a stunner… Not the usual bulky muscle stuff I usually like from BigM, but instead he is lean, tight and funky. His pictures show a personality and a irreverence that really connects through the pictures on his profile….So I message him back welcoming him to the country and offering a time and place to meet up for drink.
Saturday comes and I wait for Mr Funky outside the pumping noise of The Columbian.
He rocks up, he is cute. Great smile and a real energy. We head inside and grab a drink. We sit and chat, he has a sexy French accent and spark in his eye. The conversation rolls easily, which is surprising since English is his second language. We talk about work and boys and music. It all rolls really nice, its super comfortable and I was having a really great time.
Turns out he is in Australia for a year, and Sydney for 3 months. And he surfs.

He’s been all over Bondi and loved the beach lifestyle…He loves the atmosphere of the beach and the place at night. But he’s only been to Bondi, and there are so many more fantastic beaches on offer in our beautiful city.
So a lull in the conversation sees Mr Funky asking if I want to go for a walk or for some coffee. Sure, lets go for a meander.
We walk up to a coffee shop, he’s drinking cappuccino and I’m on latte. I suggest we jump in my car and head over the bridge to Manly Beach which is a much different place to the Bondi veriety. He’s ‘easy’ and ready for whatever happens so we head back to my car and we burn off to cross the bridge to the other side of the harbour and up the road with the moon roof open and some easy trance blaring through the 10-speaker system.
As is usual in my car, the tunes are flowing and so is the conversation…I just love cruising around and this guy gets the whole carefree effect of just driving wherever. We head to Manly. As we get closer, he gets more excited kind squirming in his seat as I point between the building and with a clenched fist yell: “How the fuk do I get on THAT side of the buildings??!?”- that happened to be the side with the beach. Finally I got to the end of the block and found a road that wasn’t one way (in the wrong way) and soon we were cruising at low speeds down the road that hugs the curves of the beach.
I park up and we get out to take a walk down the board walk along the beach. We wonder around talking about the difference between Bondi and Manly and other things as you do…. Its such a nice night and we have a nice lap of the Manly beach.
We head back to the car but pass bye the North Manly surf club, so I go and use the public convenience. He follows me in so we can both relieve the effects of the caffeine on our bladders. As I come out of the stall and finish washing my hands Mr Funky moves in real close and we kiss…. A sexy soft kiss. A “I couldn’t wait any longer” kiss… I liked it. But I had to drag him off real quick, they don’t like this kind of thing around here. If you get caught it means big trouble. I didn’t really want to deal with that so I drag him off to the car and we head back into the city.

Mr Funky is a music producer in his spare time and he invites me back to his apartment to show me some of his tracks. Not only do I want to go to his apartment, but I do actually want to listen to this guys music. We have such similar tastes and I want to check out his tunes…plus other things….

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