Friday, August 04, 2006

First experiences are the adictive ones....

Like I said in a previous post. I completely stuck out at the nightclub I was at. I don’t know why but despite the before know level of horniness I just couldn’t find anyone that made my loins jump. Pity, cause I was ready for a ruckus.
So at the end of the night I was thinking about heading over to my favourite sex spa for a nightcap of the sweaty veriety.
I didn’t end up going because it was too late (or early in the morning, depending on your point of view) to go cruising for the muscle studs I needed to play with. But it reminded me of the first time I went there and the fantastic guy I got to play with there.

So anyway, Im a little nervous walking around. Im getting lost in the dark, finding out about the whole etiquette of the place and generally just loving the whole experience. Then out of the darkness he arrived. You couldn’t miss him, 6’2 and 95kgs a monster, massive and dripping in testosterone charm. And I knew him. Kinda. Well if you count sending messages through gaydar “knowing”. So we kinda know each other and have expressed our interest in playing together before.
He saw me, I saw him….it was on. He leaned against the wall and threw me a “go on, if you dare” kinda glance. I walked straight over to him staring him straight in the eye. I got up real close, right in his face. Close enough to feel his breath, real face off kinda stuff. We lock eye to eye like we are either gonna fuck or fight right there and then. I say “I know all about you…” smile and clamp my teeth right around his right nipple and start to suck. His knees buckle with just the wall holding his massive weight aloft. He grumbles and responds by grabbing my shoulders and pulling me back up so we’re face to face. “I think we better find a room” then he sticks his tongue roughly down my throat. I grab his nipple and drag him to the nearest open door (hoping for all hope that there was a room behind it and not something I didn’t want to see)
We’re in, I close the door and its on!

We drop the towels and he grabs my shoulders firmly with both hands and pushes me/lifts me onto the padded bench, pushing me back against the wall and dives down on my already throbbing cock. He devours the whole thing embedding his nose in my trimmed pubes. I can feel my cock bend slightly at the end as he forces it down his throat, as he starts to swallow and rub the underside of my cock with his adam’s apple I roll my head back and start to growl…A guttural, animal groan. He looks up at me with a glint in his eye he loves it. And so do I. Im getting so into this action that Im getting a little too close a little too fast and this has to be a long a sweaty affair. I push his head back and drag him up to deeply kiss him and feel the spit in his mouth that had built up from the servicing of my cock.
I flip it around and he ends up on his ass with his back leaning against the wall. I move from his mouth and wrap my teeth around his nipples yet again… Like I said, I’ve chatted a little to this guy so I know he likes his nipples played with. A lot. So like the caring, sharing kinda guy I am I get to work on his nipples to play with his nipple/cock connection. I tweak his nipples and you can watch his cock jump in time. I love that. I work over his nipples hard, this big guy can take it ruff and I like that. His nipples are connected directly to his cock and I love to watch him lather in the pleasure that’s being created in this little room. He is getting so into the pleasure and the physical connection that he starts to get rougher and rougher, and I love it… He starts to punch my pecs and abs with a real fiery look in his eyes, a real connection of masculinity. Fuking turning me on big time!
Then he spat at me, covering my chest and face with his spit.
That’s it.
That does it.
He’s fuking asked for it now!
I grab him under his armpits and throw him across the room so he’s lying on his back with a real dazed look from the fact that a guy my size had just dumped this guy on his ass…. Before he recovers his senses I move onto his cock, sucking at his throbbing vascular cock as his head thrashes and his body quivers. Its not long before every muscle packed onto his bulging, ridiculously buff torso starts flexing and shaking as he approaches climax. I slow down. Like the underside of his purple mushroom head. I pull his balls beyond whats comfortable. Twist his nipples in time with the bobbing on his cock. I go fast then slow and change it up bringing him to the edge and back and to the edge and then back till he is kinda groaning and moaning that he wants to cum.
Who am I to say no?? (well I do, but that’s a different scene altogether) I pick it up and bring it to the edge and push him over with a strong combination of nipple play, ball tugging and cock manipulation. He groans and cums and cums and cums spurting creame all over his broad thick chest and flat abs. I fuking love it when a guy makes a mess….I rub the cum into his chest hair and kiss his full lips deeply. He pulls back and gets a wicked smile across his face and a naughty spark flashes in his eyes. “Your turn”.

He flips me and holds me down devouring my cock in one movement. He sucks and licks and is rocking my world. He plays with my balls and presses under my balls and massages my perineum as he continues to suck like a hoover…. This guys is good, better then a Dyson!!
He moves quickly hitting every part of my sweaty body that makes my balls tingle and my head spin. I move closer and closer, my balls pull up tight against the pressure and tugging he is exhorting on them. I shake and sweat, shudder and shudder then cum all over him. Shot after shot after shot of cum stream across his chest and legs and across the ropey veins standing in major relief on his forearms. That’s so damn sexy. I roll over and move towards him as he sits back on his haunches with a real look of satisfaction. I lick at his forearms and across his thighs tasting my saltiness on his soft skin.
In the afterglow we cuddle a little, talk about weight lifting and other things. Then we’re done and walk off to get showered.
My first experience at a sex spa…anyone still wondering why I keep going back there?


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