Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Playing with Studs (concluded)...

We continue to bump and grind, we get nastier and more daring on the dancefloor. He grabs my belt and yanks my pants up off my hips giving him the gap he needs to stick his hand down the front of my jeans to settle his grip around my half hard cock. An eyebrow goes up in a look of surprise and appreciation, he obviously wasn't expecting me to be as well packed as I am.
I return the favor by pulling him in tight against my body, trapping his hands down my pants. I thrust my fingers under his belt and slide my hands over his tight ass to run my fingers down the crack of his ass. Nice, very nice.

I can't remember how or why we left the dance floor. But we ended up in the bar area where his friends were mingling with my friends (who, in true gay fashion all knew each other anyway) As all the guys could see what was going on and there were smiles all round. I ask one of my best-gay-mates (which is a term Ill have to explain to you guys eventually) and ask him if he knows anything about the guy Ive just picked up. It pays todo your homework and I like to know little things in advance. Is he a player? Boyfriended? A psycho? The result was negative for all of them. He comes back over to me after chatting with his friends and says that everyone is going to Arq. He asks, "So do you want to go to Arq? Stay here or what?" He was being hospitable and letting me choose. I move close to his ear, close enough so he could feel the heat off my body and smell my sweat. "Id rather go to your place and fuck." Was my response. I said 'fuck' in a low, gravely, drawn out fashion, it was more "Fuuuuuuck...." then "fuk" and he certainly got the picture. I was taking charge and we quickly left the building.

As we walked out of the nightclub the crisp morning air hit my face and the clean sunlight ran over my face welcoming a new day. Studs grabbed my hand and we started off up Oxford St towards his place.
It was a nice walk in the early morning sunshine as the conversation flowed easily and we chatted on various topics. What he does, what I do , about the upcoming sleaze party (yay!) and other bits and pieces.
He talks about his new puppies that had recently chowed down on his $6,000 rug and how they were his babies...Which is cute, and very gay. Which is cool, cause he doesn't flounce like a gay and is quite masculine...But he is still comfortable being a little bit gay which means he is comfortable with himself. And thats nice.

So we get to his place. Nice fashionable building, newly renovated to the latest look. In his place, which is a single room plus a bathroom we check out his little sleeping puppies then continue to chat. He takes his clothes off and heads to the bathroom. I take off my shoes and socks and strip my slightly damp t-shirt off and throw it to the floor. I sit in an armchair and await Studs return.
He returns naked and proceeds to put the usual clutter on the bedside table, lube and condoms and Amyl.
Then he gets onto the bed and just looks at me. To this point the guy hasn't seen me without my shirt (I always leave my clothes on at nightclubs...much to the dismay of the other patrons) I stand up half naked and watch him drink in my body and watch his cock jump in anticipation. I strip the jeans and head for the bed.

We pull together lying next to each other. We kiss deep and slow. Our hands explore the others reclining torso. He pulls away from the kiss and nibbles a little on my nipples on his way down to my hard, throbbing cock. He sucks down my girth and length and starts to pound his throat on the head of my cock as he tries to suck the whole thing down.
He swallows and swirls his tongue around my cock as my head rolls back and a moan/groan escapes my lips. He works my cock for what seems like days as the room spins and the waves flash across my body.

He pulls off my cock and comes up to kiss me, spilling the spit he worked up on my shaft into my waiting mouth. I push on his shoulders and roll over the top of him so Im sitting on his stomach. I pull back and decent to his waiting cock. I start by licking the head and along the shaft. I make his cock glisten with my spit. I blow on the wet skin and watch his cock jump and bob with the sensation.
Then I take his cock into my mouth and really power on the suction. I suck and swirl my tongue over his cock head. With my other hand I grab his balls and start to tug and massage his sack.
His body jerks and shudders as the new waves of pleasure pass through his muscles and across his skin. I really dig a guy who can't help my jerk around in response to the pleasure I provide. Thats really hot in my books.
After sucking for a while he asks if I mind if he took a hit of Amyl. "Go for it, as long as you stay hard..." was all I said. He gave me a naughty grin and grabbed the bottle of lube. By this point I was lying on my back with him sitting on my legs playing with my upright cock.
He poured the lube all over both of our cocks and he smeared some around his ass. He grabs the Amyl and pulls a large hit up one nostril then again on the other. His eyes glaze and he frantically grabs for a condom.
Now moving with the fervor of anticipation and animal desire he shakily and hastily tries to pull the condom over my engorged cock head. He struggles as Im a little big for standard condoms but I don't really need magnum sized, it just takes a bit of work to get it on.
He finally rolls the condom on and he pulls it snug. He lubes the outside of the rubber and squats over the top of it as it disappears up his tight warm hole.
He gets about half way down and bites his lip as he pauses for a moment to get used to the impalement he is experiencing.
When he is comfortable he fervently starts pumping up and down on my cock pushing with his arms behind him onto my legs.
As the sensations of my cock up his ass mix with the tapering Amyl he rolls his head back and starts to pump furiously at his cock.
He leans back until he is lying on the bed as I follow him around with my cock still up his ass. Now lying on his back legs in the air I get to my knees and start driving my cock deep into his ass. As I pound away he starts working on his hard cock. He strokes himself in rapid bursts then eases then slow...pump-pump-pump-pump then just pump. pump. pump... he is getting into it as he takes another his of amyl and he eyes glaze again. I grab his balls as his pumping hits high gear. His back arches and he takes quick stabbing breathes as cum launches from his cock and rolls down his abs to collect on his chest.

I pull out of his ass and strip the rubber. I grab my cock and start to pump, he rolls round to be lying next to me and roughly pulls on my balls. The cum launches out of my cock and into the hand I cup over the top of my dick. I always cum so hard, that if I don't catch it like that it usually ends up on the walls and bed head and shit like that which isn't very nice.
He takes one look and just says "Shit! Niagara..." and runs off to grab a towel so I can quickly mop up the pool of cum starting to roll down my torso.

We lie there after I clean up and he rolls onto he side pulling my arm across his body like its in imaginary blanket. We spoon there for a few moments(hours? Who knows?) Falling in and out of sleep. He roughly snores each time he falls into deep sleep. A lot of people find snoring annoying, I find is soothing and dead sexy!

Suddenly a key in the door! It begins to open and Studs is to his feet. "Tamara NO! WAIT!" the door closes again. He runs to get some underwear on as I dive for my clothes.
Did I mention that he said his sister was staying with him? In this one room apartment. He thought she was staying out with her boyfriend partying it up at Arq... but instead she was here walking through the front door.

I finally find my Calvins and pull them up my thighs. He opens the door and lets the sister and her boyfriend in out of the corridor.
She takes one look at me, head to foot and settled in the middle before turning to big bro with a "good on you!" and a nod of approval. This is a cool sister, hip to the brothers happenings. The situation is cool and I quickly depart, its time for my long drive home and I have a bed to get to.

As I walk out the door he hands me his business card. "Call me to let me know you get home safely" he smiles and we kiss goodbye.
Its nice to know guys like this care.

I get home and shower then jump into bed...Its midday and Im about to hit the hay. I message him to let him know Im okay and safe in bed. And that I hope we can catch up again some other day...


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