Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Strike out but strong recollections...

Well here I am, sitting on the balcony of my hotel room sipping OJ from a Champaign flute and snacking on Danish pastries having struck out last on the internet. I had a little bit of interest but really, things just got a bit too late for it to go forward. So I just took things into my own hands.
But I did talk to one guy who did actually remind me of one guy I met once....

It was online again, gaydar to be precise. He was actually younger then me, which was a first for me. He's very into his training and getting muscular. He was also big time into his spandex, it was his major fetish. Bingo, we have a winner!
It was a friday night and I couldn't make it to the city. But we had been messaging on and off from our desks at work all day long and were obviously both quite worked up.
So in another first, he offered to drive down to my town for the night to have some fun. One call to a local hotel and things were set.

I rush home to pack a duffel bag full of all my spandex and speedos. I get over to the hotel and dump my bag out on the double bed. The pile covers the surface of the bed.
I get the call that he has made it to town and I head down to street level to great him and bring him up to our little play pen.
I catch a glimpse of the guy I think is my man, he is confidently striding down the street with a bag slung over his shoulder. He smiled as we caught eyes and I knew he was the guy. His smile radiated through the crowd on the street and his confidence rolled in front of him. Oh yes, this will be fun.
He strolls up to me and we shake hands with a "gday", I turn and lead towards the hotel.
We get up to the room and his eyes bulge at the massive pile of gear I have on the bed. "Cool!", was all he said before diving into the pile with his hands picking up various outfits and materials. He has a spandex fetish but not much of the gear, whereas I have a spandex fetish and ALL of the gear.
I look him up and down, while he stands there sorting through the gear. Hot guy, very hot. Wide rounded shoulders, protruding solid chest and his sleeves stretch t-i-g-h-t around his arms. His arms aren't huge, but his t-shirt is well fitted. Its all a great look, and I can't wait to see more.
Finally he picks up a pair of light blue Nike speedos which are a couple of sizes too small and made of a very sheer material. He shows them to me and comments "these must be hot", and theres my opening!
"You should try them on!" I said my eyes drawing up and down his tall frame another time for emphasis.
He grins and grabs for his shirt tails, he draws his tshirt up his torso and over his head. He throws his tshirt to the side and stands there giving me a little show knowing that he had my complete attention. His smooth chest hangs heavy over a sexy flat stomach, the faintest outlines of his abs show through as he breathes in and out. Fuck thats sexy. He is at that age where some parts of his body show how much of a man he is while others still reflect how close to being a boy he is. His stomach is still soft from the puppy fat that guys this age have (I had it too at this stage, its before my competition) but his shoulders bulge with ripped masculine power.

He drops the jeans and turns to face the wall (awwww, he's shy!) and takes off his briefs. He pulls the Nike speedos on in a single movement. His legs are smooth and obviously recently shaved, like alot of guys his age his legs are lacking in development in comparison to his body. Thats okay tho, smooth and framed by these aqua blue speedos they look just fine... He stands in front of the large wall mirror and checks out his form in these speedos. He turns sideways to check out his profile and the way his ass bubbles out, oh so tight and pert with the spandex tightly stretched across the hard globes. I quickly strip out of my gear down to my speedos and move in behind him. My growing bulge pressing into the spandex sheathed crack of his ass. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and pull his body tight against mine. I smell at his neck and run my tongue across his trap up behind his ear finally swirling my tongue around his lobe. He shivers slightly as I move my hands down the surface of his tight, smooth skin making my way down to his straining crotch to finally wrap my hands around his rock hard cock griping it tightly and squeezing it in my hands.
His knees buckle slightly and more of his weight is transferred onto my arms as he leans harder against my chest to keep standing.
He rolls his head back to prop it on my shoulder. He looks back at me as I lean my head over and kiss him deeply still pulsing my grip on his cock and balls.
I push him away and spin him around dropping to my knees I pull the front of his speedos down under his balls allowing his veiny plump cock to bounce out. I quickly devour it wholly into my mouth as his back arched back and a deep grumbling comes from his throat. He grabs my head and thrusts his cock deep into my mouth, saliva drips from the corner of my mouth.


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