Monday, October 09, 2006

My amazing weekend continues

So after staying out till 11am Sunday morning I have a well earned rest until the early afternoon. I awaken refreshed and feeling damn fine. I head out for my "Morning" cardio and then eat a great breakfast/dinner.... All the while I can't help but think about the big night my friends have planned up in the Emerald city. I feel good, I feel refreshed from the few hours sleep Ive had....damn it, Im going back up!

So after dinner I get changed into my disco clothes and jump in my car on the way to another big party.

Tonight is a special once off Sydney performance by Manny Lehman direct from the big New York city. What did I know about this guy? Nothing. Did I care? Nope.
Hell, I was going to be in New York city in a couple of weeks so I wanted to know what kind of music Id be boogying down to whilst I was there... Sounded like a good excuse to me!!

So while it was till light outside I headed off and caught up with my mates in Potts Point, we all recounted our nights activities and the vastly different experiences in the crazy hours since the major dance party. One of my mates had organised to catch up with someone of interest for pizza in the early afternoon ready for another big night. Sounded like a good idea and these guys were hot for each other... but the guy didn't show. Heart broken my friend calls and messages wanting an explanation! Turns out this guy had taken one too many sleeping tablets and was out to the world till the late afternoon/early evening... In hindsight it was funny.... In our slightly exhausted, and excited states it was hilarious and it was a few blocks before our childish giggling and outright booming laughter subsided. My mate had turned significantly red but we were all in such a great mood nobody really felt anything but happy walking towards this early starting event.

We got into The Shift only to realise that our group had suddenly become the entire crowd of this nightclub. The place was ours, and the advertised starting time was an hour ago.... we started to get unsteady. Just how many people were going to come to this?
We headed to the bar and got our first round of drinks. I liked this time. It got a bit quite some of the time as we fell into a quite reflection of the night before, but other then that I had the rare opportunity to spend some quality time talking with these guys and girls. Usually I just rock up to the club after they have been there for a few hours and join in on the debuatched fun.... but tonight I was there from the begining and I got to know some of my mates far better then ever before. I liked that.
Suddenly we realise around us that where empty space and music once played there were now people and the thumping bass of a party getting started.

And boy did it get started. The warm up DJ was stating to get swinging and things were kicking along. During the course of the evening the question had gone around about who this Manny Lehman was and what kind of music he played. No one really knew. Except my Candian buddy who had grown up on with this guy on the Toronto scene... and he had nothing but raves for this guy. So it sounded good.

By this point all the usual faces had turned up and some new guys who had missed out on the frivolity of the previous night. Then we headed to the dance floor.

This is when the night went to a semi hardon of music induced deliriousness. Manny Lehman is good, he is great, he is my new god.
His trance escalates from the poppy mixes of Justin and Christina to the heights of vocal uplifting sounds that just made us throw our hands in the air and scream.

It even got to the point where as the magical Manny dropped a certain bass for a hot as hell track the whole crowd just screamed "Wahaoooo!!" It was an amazing experience to be on that crowded dance floor at that moment in time. The energy lift as every single person on that floor connected with that song and that moment. Ill forever remember that moment.

What a night. I thought I was going on the hunt for some sweaty conclusion to the weekend... Instead it was all about the music. I was still on that floor at 9am when the lights came on.... Another all nighter and what a spectacular night.


At 12:11 AM, Blogger scott said...

If you like Manny Lehman you'll also like John LePage, a U.S/Canadian dj from Toronto originally (now lives in San Francisco) and who was a protege of Manny's in NYC for several years.

Great blog btw.

At 1:26 AM, Blogger Sue said...

I enjoy your site so much that I have linked to it on my site! Keep on blogging where ever you may go.

At 9:20 AM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Oh WOW!!! Scott, Dude! I love your blog!! Your one of the blogs I check everyday, I can't beleive you've read one of my posts. Thats so cool, Im really excited about that!

Oh and Sue, thanks for the link. In my mind being linked to or profiled is the ultimate Privilege and Compliment. So thanks to you! (Im humbled)

At 5:35 PM, Blogger Snickers said...

Sounds like yours was pretty similar to mine - the music kept me on the floor most of the night and I too was there when those lights came up at close!

too much fun!! and great to hear you enjoyed it as much as I did


At 3:04 AM, Blogger scott said...

Bro I read you every day and linked you a soon as I found you.

Keep up the good work. You come from a long line of really great Aussie bloggers like Nicky from Californication.


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