Thursday, October 05, 2006

A weekend in review (goes on)....

The night was an absolute success. The music pumped and the crowd pulsed in good will and frolicking fun. As the sun started to rise and the darkness of the night outside started to fade to become the dull glowing warmth of the morning sunrise. This has always been my favorite part of a night like this. This fresh new day was dawning and we were feeling good. The night is like a marathon and the light meant the whole dream and adventure was coming to a close.

We were saying goodbye to some friends of mine outside in the foyer as the crowd starts to disperse across the morning. Just at that moment Gemma made a fatal mistake. She sat down. Now anyone out there will know that at the end of a big rave like this the morning is the danger time if you want to watch the last disk being spun. The big rule is: Don't sit down. Its the best feeling in the world when after 10 hours of dancing you do finally sit down, but basically you'll never stand up again. Once your down you stay down.
And that's what happened to Gemma.
Once she'd been on the floor for a few minutes she started to shake in that total body exhaustion kind of way.

I looked at her and just said to her: "Come on, lets go".
"No" was her simple response.
"Im don't want to ruin your night" she looked up at me, her bottom lip quivering.
"Nah, lets go. It just gets really messy from here on in. Everyone will just start trying to hook up and Im not doing that today." I grabbed Gemma's outstretched hand and dragged her to her feet. "Plus Im starving!!"

As we walk out of the building the sunlight hits our pallid skin. The warmth of what will be a beautiful, sunny spring day in My Emerald City warms the still chilly air and the sun glares in our eyes.

We get in my car, point it home and spend the next 2 hours in silence as Gemma falls in and out of sleep and I stuff my face with Krispy Kreme doughnuts.... Damn those Krispy Kremes.

I drop Gemma off at her apartment and she thanks me as profusely as her exhausted state allows.

To finish Ill quote Gemma when I met up with her at the gym a few days later: "Im still recovering, but Im ready to do it again! I'll never forget that night, ever. My mind still can't get all around it. Im want to do it again"

So that was the Sleaze Ball, but that wasn't my weekend. After a couple of hours sleep and a feed, I was heading back to My Emerald City to the Shift for DJ Manny Lehman another all night party but thats for another post. ;-)


At 12:20 PM, Blogger Sue said...

My hat is off to Gemma. I would have never lasted all night (even in my 20's & 30's). Sad but true. It is a testimony to her strength and devotion to you that she did. All I can say is, "you go girl!"

At 12:49 PM, Blogger tino2 said...

WOW--that's awesome.


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