Thursday, November 09, 2006

Meet the Head Honcho (cont)

((I just have to say that I really did enjoy your cries of protest when I left this recount where I did....hehehe deep down Im just a bastard at heart!))

He shoots off the over side of the bed to turn on the plasma in here and to smash on some major porn. He warns me…”My porn can get quite intense. Are you sure you want it on?”

“That’s okay. It takes a lot to weird me out.”

I was thinking about making a studio request. Just to test him out. I have a thing for the stuff that Shotgun Video do… and its fairly hardcore and real stuff.
I decide to keep my mouth shut and just let him choose, anyway what are the chances of him having….

“SHOTGUN!!” I exclaimed as the scene started, I recognised it from the website.

“You know Rodger?” The Head Honcho asks (the guy who does the punishing in the shotgun videos)
“I don’t know him, but I know of him. He’s a bit of an idol for me. Id love to learn from him in a session sometime.”
“That would be good for you, you should try get in touch with him when your in San Fran.” He suggests, revealing that a few of his boys had featured for Rodger. He is the best as this game. That’s the best way to learn, from the best.

So anyway, the DVD loads and the torture on the screen begins.
Rodger has done some truly hot stuff with some truly HUGE dudes and that just gives me an instant, leaking, throbbing and rock hard hard-on.
True bodybuilders get off on pushing themselves and fighting their own bodies. I’d love to play with a bodybuilder and help him test himself like that.

Anyway, the stuff is on the giant plasma at the foot of the bed as head Honcho and I sit and chat about our various fetishes and things we have done. At the same time we’re sitting there with a couple of laptops, gaydar and manhunt profiles loaded all round.
We’re both searching through the online profiles looking for a thirds and fourth and fifth and well you get the picture.
Obviously the problem is that this is a weekday so that doesn’t leave many guys available to play now.
But still we compare lists and favourites. We go through profiles and break down the wording and the pictures to guess about the guys. Its turning out to be just a casual fun afternoon. Sexually charged but not really physically active. Not before long we kinda move past being physically into each other. We’re both dom tops, we’re gonna need a good bottom to get this to work. Neither one of us is giving in inch of submission to the other. Despite that we have a great fun afternoon and I learn quite a few new techniques from this very experienced and very helpful, skilled dom guy.

I don’t get to interact with many dudes truly into this caper to be exposed to a great experience worth of knowledge.

Ultimatly I left with the same hardon that I arrived with but I walked away with something far more important and valuable. I had learnt a whole heap. I can’t wait to tie up my next guy.

I just hope he’s a big as the guy in the Shotgun video, because that would be super-nova hot!


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