Friday, December 22, 2006

Fun in the Desert Sun...(Concluded)

So the flexing muscle monster kneels on the bed before me. Okay, attention gained. I swoop onto BFM1's nipples and work across his chest towards his deep masculine sweaty pits licking and sucking at the man juice. I nuzzle in the short hair of his pit and drench the him in spit as I lick and lap at his tight skin and ripped bulges. I move over and across to his flexing bicept. I run my hand across the pulsing muscle and pumping veins running down the inside of his arm. I quickly follow after with my mouth. Touching my lips to the warm skin and wetting the surface delicately with my tongue. I lick and lap, sucking on that monster bulge getting more and more pent up with sexual empowerment. I reach down and roughly grab at his cock and balls.
I freeze.
There I am head against his chest on the way down to join my hand in its work below the belt when my hand touches something I wasn't expecting. I wasn't expecting hard. (Well I was expecting hard, but no hard as steel. Well I was expecting hard as steel but not real steal....oh fuck it you get what I mean)
While I was working BFM2, BFM1 had dashed off and sheathed his cock in a cock ring that now encircled his cock and bulged the veins all along his pole. Having worked out that everything is as it should be I went back to work on his cock. I pushed on his chest forcing him to my side and down to the bed. I Lent forward and attached my mouth to his cock using all the suction I could muster.

We were both lying on the bed, my head bobbing up and down over his slick pole. His body arching and lifting off the bed, grunts and groans and moans fill the air as he grinds his jaw and rolls his head on the bed.
As I continue to work his cock up and down I reach out and grab his nipple in one hand and press up against his sack with the other. This new level of stimulation wracks through his body eliciting a load and deep groan. Each pump and twist of his nipples and cock bring a loader moan and a deeper groan. Sweat now wets BFM1's skin and runs down in droplets across his chest and the flanks of his abs. Thats so sexy. Everything starts to slick up as I lie on the bed next to BFM1 working his whole body.
Closer and closer he comes to the edge. With each change of action and new sensation the groans of pleasure get louder and deeper.
I move up and while pumping his cock with my hand I kiss him deeply. My mouth and tongue muffles his moans. We kiss sloppily as we swap spit.
I move back to his cock as the groans get louder and loader He's yelling now, head rolled back and ground into the mattress. I speed up and speed up working his nipples, his nuts and his cock. Louder and louder he get closer to the edge. Quickly he grabs his own cock violently as his back lifts off the bed arching as stream after stream of cum pumps from his cock and splashes across his chest and through the hair on his tight abs.
A calm quite descends on the room as I rest my head on the sweaty, wet skin of his heaving chest. He rolls onto his side and kisses me again.
Soon he's off to the bathroom to shower off the sticky mess that clings to his stomach and chest.
I roll over and lay on my back and start to play with my cock as it strains and twitches for relief. BFM2 moves across from his perch at the top of the bed, hard cock in hand. He runs his hand over my chest and abs down my quad smoothing the sweat on my skin as his goes. He moves closer and closer before straddling my prone body sitting back on his haunches. Looking up at his massive form above me my cock twitches harder and my body twitches and aches as the view of this massive muscle form above me flexes and strokes at his cock. He reaches behind him and grabs onto my cock behind him as I roll my hips and start to pump up and down. I fuck his hand from below and really get into the pleasure of motion.
I grab his cock which bobs and sways in front of me. I pump his cock and work his balls with my fists as my head rolls as BFM2 works my cock hard and rougher. Next he moves off to the side. He is perched on his knees next to me working his own cock while I roughly grab mine. Pumping harder and harder we get closer to orgasm. I look over at him and ask him to play with my balls. He scoots closer on the bed and reaches out with one hand while still pumping his own cock with the other. He gingerly starts to rolls my balls in his hand. "Harder" I ask, he starts to tug and pull on my sack. "Harder" I say again pumping harder and faster on my cock. He clamps down hard and really rips into my sack. Thats enough to send me over the edge. The cum pumps from my balls and out my cock. The first shoot lands on my chest and across my face then the next couple all shoot out over my head and onto the bed over my shoulder. Shoot after of shoot of cum splat over the bed and onto the floor behind me.
BFM2 who has a major cum and shooting fetish just wasn't ready for that. If you like a big shooter, if thats what turns you on, then I totally the guy for you. And that night I was really this guys trigger. "Oh Man!" was all he said as his head rolled back and the cum flowed from his cock.
Soon we were glistening with sweat and cum heaving with breath. Wow, that was soooo hot.

I wouldn't have ever thought I was going to get the chance to mess around with two of the biggest guys I've ever laid my hands on. True muscle. Competitive muscle.
Yum. Time for a shower.


At 2:55 AM, Blogger Not so Single Guy said... should write porn...

At 3:46 AM, Anonymous PSBigJoey said...

mmmmm....sorry I missed that part. ;)

At 3:55 AM, Blogger Sue said...

That was worth the wait!


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