Wednesday, December 27, 2006

French lessons for Narcissus....

Back on the Prowl

Boxing day. I realise now where that name comes from. If I had to spend another day at home with nothing to do I was going to put a cardboard box on my head and set it on fire.
Im not the kind of guy who can sit and do nothing.
Lucky for me there is a gym in my Emerald City which is open all day Boxing day. So into the car I hop and head up the mountain into the bright lights of the city.
I haven't been to the city since my return from America so it was great to soak back into the summer atmosphere of what I still consider one of the most amazing cities of the world. (And now that I've been to most of the major cities in America, England, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and New Zealand I can say that with a little more certainty, even tho there is still a ton of cities out there)

Anyway, hot summer night with a long twilight and a supper heavy and fantastically satisfactory chest workout. It makes my eyes go watery with the perfectness of it all. Life as a collection of these perfections would create a man a happy soul.
So perfectly happy I head towards my usual mens only spa to hang out and perhaps get some action.

I get my towel and ditch the clothes. I check myself in the mirrors of the change room. 'Bulky' is how I like to describe it. Not supper fat, there is more muscle then fat but I am far from lean or athletic. Doesn't matter tho, Ill start to diet in the next couple of weeks for my compitiion and Im going to look great come May 07. (And thats what I try to keep telling myself so I don't start crying at my reflection)

Anyway, I have a luxurious shower and enjoy the cool water washing the hard earned sweat of my workout off my muscles. The shower is out in the open but I face the wall as the water streams over my face, through my hair and down my back. I turn around, away from the water, to soap up my chest and stomach and notice that I had gained the attention of pretty much everyone in the wet room. So of course I made sure that I started to put on a bit of a show. I may not be lean but I got muscle, and you can certainly see when I flex.... so I flexed.
That was fun. A little boost of the ego for when Im at the peak of my bulking and majorly self conscious about my conditioning.

I finish up and head for the second floor. I like to just cruise around and check out the guys listen to the music and watch the pornos. You know, just chill out and enjoy the scene.
A short guy, not my type totally takes a liking to me and proceeded to constantly come back to me several times over the night and proceed to feel my chest, my arms and my stomach. I try to be a good sport about it so I let him have his fun. I let him know that he's not my type but don't stop him. He plays with my muscles as I flex and play a little bit. He's under no illusion that this is any more then a bit of fun so its kinda amusing to stand there towering over this dude my arms looking massive against his small hands.
Finally he goes a little too far and I let him know that he's had enough. He moves on for now but he visits again several times that night.

I cruise on.

Finally a figure takes my attention. My height, smooth skin with tan as deep as they come. Long blonde hair and a heavy chest sitting atop his smooth stomach. We catch eyes and he walks off, I follow and the fun begins.


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