Friday, December 29, 2006

French lessons for Narcissus (Cont)....

He goes in one direction I head in another. He had gone into the area of the cruising floor with all the heaters making quite a warm room. I headed toward the cooler rooms on the other side of the building. At my current weight I tend to sweat easily, and I didn't want to drown the poor guy. (At this weight my thighs are also rubbing together which is cool. That means Ill deff have the biggest legs in my division again)

So we enter a room together and he smiles. I reach over and turn the light dimmer up. The gentle light comes up to a warm glow as I see the very european man in front of me. He removes his towel and places it on the padded bench. His (very) thick and (very) long cock hangs between his smooth lean legs. (Thank God, a decent dick!)
I gently rub my hands across his shoulders as he grabs the towel around my waist. He slowly and gently removes it and places it on the bench next to his. I slowly move in to get some skin to skin happening when he grabs my shoulders and pushes against my weight to push me onto my back atop the padded bench next to us. It was a fast and aggressive move of sexual dominance and that certainly got my attention.
However, outweighing him considerably I didn't really move that far. I realised in a split second what he was trying to achieve and went with the motion throwing myself to the bench as he jumped ontop of me and attacked my mouth with his tongue as he aggressively took the lead. Gosh, I didn't see this coming.

I push him back. "A guy who knows what he wants? I like it!" was all I said. He just smiled and again we started to kiss.
I rolled over and onto him. I sat back putting some distance between our bodies and started to twist on his nipples. He squirmed under me, I could feel his cock bouncing off my lower back as I sat on his stomach and played with his chest.
Again we rolled, he quickly pulled off me and headed straight for my dick. Devouring it with great dedication and suction. His mouth watering over my man meat, he slathered my dick with his spit as his head bounced up and down and round and round on my hard and now throbbing cock.
My back lifts off the bench as my body rocks under the pleasure of such a dedicatedly delivered head job. This guy is good...fuck it, he's great. I lie back and let the fucker face fuck himself with my hard cock. Pleasure, raptures of pleasure.
Having my dick sucked so well puts me in the mood for one thing, and one thing only....sucking cock. And knowing the monster veined and heavy piece of meat waiting for me it's not long before I 'guide' this guy onto his back and get to work on his member. First I lick up and down, wetting the skin with my spit and making the surface glint and shine in the dull light. The veins pump and pulse in the low light as I work my tongue over the sensitive head of his cock and watch as his balls pull up tight in anticipation.

In one foul swoop I suck his cock into my mouth stretching my lips out wide. I continue to run my tongue over his cock head as he rolls side to side as I work my lips up and down his cock shaft. I only get 3/4 of the way down before his cock hits the back of my throat and stops the progress, so I grab the rest of his shaft with my fist and jack the base of his cock tightly with my hand while working on the rest of his dick with my lips and tongue. I grab his balls with my other hand and start to roll them around and pull them away from his body.
He continues to roll back and forth as I work on his cock. Soon he gets too close to the edge and eagerly pulls me off his cock and pulls my face to his kissing my deeply. I know he can taste his own precum off my tongue, a little taste of his own masculinity.

I love it when I get them so close so soon. To me its like a pat on the back, pressing the right buttons and making the right moves. Makes me feel like a stud. So I want to see how much fun I can have.
I grab his spit lubed cock and jerk him with my fist. His body jerks and he pulls away, quickly grabbing my hand and stopping its assault on his cock. Okay, so I got him that close.... cool.

But seriously guys this is as far as I have written. I kinda got distracted by my own horniness and ended up Youtubing myself. But can ya blame me?? This is what I ended up jacking off to... When the big guy in green jumps on the guys back and wraps his thick arm around his neck for the choking submission? Thats where I got to before blowing my load..... just as a FYI to you guys.

Ill try be less horny tomorrow and finish this story. It gets a bit crazy in the middle. Not sexy crazy just 'what the fuck?' crazy....but Ill let you'all in on that tomoz....


At 12:49 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Who is a naughty blogger now? Bad boy!!! *spank**spank*spank*

I hate it when you stop in the middle.


At 1:23 PM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Ah Sue,
Like most of the games I play...on the surface you may hate it, but deep down your thrilled and attracted to it.
You kinda get the picture for what its like to play with me when I'm in a whips&chains mood....

At 4:26 PM, Blogger franck said...

Yes, my reference to your blog was definitely a compliment. This last post of yours certainly got me hard.
And I also like your rule... a guy who can't giggle during sex is not worth fucking ;-)

At 3:57 AM, Anonymous PSBigJoey said...

The one in green is definitely both hot and fuckable. Let's strap him down and take turns.....

At 4:57 PM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Yes, thank god for if only it gave out contact details and addresses....


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